The Storytellers Heralding in a New Age of Business Communication


As the ‘Most Outstanding Tech-Focused PR Agency 2021’ for California, LMGPR has been quick to secure itself as a cornerstone business during the pandemic. Helping its clients to find new public relations and communications methods, it has been hard at work to ensure that no business under its care lost sight of how to reach the market segments they need to operate within.

LMGPR, in essence, are storytellers, influencers, and market shapers. Being the marketing and public representation agency with the latest innovations and processes at its back, it has endeared itself deeply to its clientele, each of whom can expect the right story, the right audience, and the best results as a direct consequence of its work. Its efforts allow clients to reach out to the market segment that their products and services will best serve in the most effective manner possible, delivering incredibly efficient and sophisticated ways to operate in the dynamic and ever-changing media landscape.

Its flagship product, LMGPR Pulse, has therefore been built up from three key components. Each of these components are elements that follow LMGPR throughout its business, and have been in implementation since its inception, ensuring that this company can develop on top of a solid core foundation. Critically, these principles are strategic positioning, narrative story engine, and social influence. By finding ways to leverage each of these things in a contemporary, online marketplace, it will be the catalyst of further growth for its clients in everything from their leadership to their momentum and expansion; its efforts also create new business opportunities, increase sales, and create space for them to become a market leader.

Each of these elements is made possible by its experience, knowledge, and understanding. Over the years it has been in operation, LMGPR has been working hard to gain an in-depth, broad, and expansive knowledge base that it can implement when serving its clients, both of the wider market and the ways certain businesses fit within it. Therefore, it has been able to use these elements of its operation to create a new and systematic approach to public relations that will help its clients to use this knowledge to their benefit, representing the most effective and sophisticated way to drive business success in a diverse corporate ecosystem.

In a world where means and formats of communication change on the daily, LMGPR keeps time with the beating drum of progress, guaranteeing its clientele a certain peace of mind that its services will be tailored to match. By keeping itself thoroughly adaptable and using the concepts of art and science both, it manages the subjective and objective features of public representation, whilst not losing sight of its client’s core company goals and mission. Instead, it seeks to use these aspects of its client’s operation in order to create a personable and effective communications strategy.

It supports the marketing, branding, and positioning of its clients’ businesses in their journey to continually get ahead in their respective markets, securing business development, strategic partnerships, new product development, sales, and more; in short, it ensures that a client has time to focus on the things that truly matter, whilst LMGPR handles the professional way to communicate its activities to the wider world. The Loughlin/Michaels Group, founded in 2002, was the starting blocks that LMGPR launched from, led by the eponymous Donna Loughlin Michaels – an experienced PR professional in her own right – and empowered by her tenacity, creativity, and problem-solving abilities. Each of the skills and talents of its founder has emboldened LMGPR further in its sprint to the forefront of public relation program development for businesses, made even more outstanding by Michaels’ experience in leading such programs for early-stage technological investors.

Therefore, with knowledge of how to take a new and brilliant innovator from start-up to IPO and even acquisition, LMGPR has secured its reputation as a comprehensive, exemplary, and highly effective public representation company. Its work has become, above all else, synonymous with guaranteed further success. Due to this, LMGPR’s current team is able to consistently live up to this repute with its insightful, expert, and full-service network of communications options, with staff handling everything from editorial, social media, analytics, and industry contact creation. Every account team is led by a professional with a decade of experience under their belt, able to guide those under them seamlessly.

With such a flawless internal organisation that promises LMGPR’s sustainability long into the future, and constantly dependable results for its clientele, its customer service and end results have worked together to make it a true darling of its industry. In addition, by making itself a strategic partner for its clients, its agency team has been able to launch hundreds of market innovators into their deserved spotlight, cultivating their businesses into the next best thing to be seen across a variety of different sectors. Its reshaping and revamping of company image has aided clients across all manner of markets as a result, from the automotive industry to IoT, cybersecurity, robotics, wellness, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, customer lifestyle, and so much more.

LMGPR has also received countless accreditations as a result. With a number of different awards to its name, earned by way of its continuous excellence in leadership, creativity, media relations, and innovative public relations, it has secured its notoriety as a foremost guide in the changing media landscape. It recognises how difficult this can be to navigate – both for newer businesses and even for established enterprises – and so its services invite them to leave nothing to chance, granting them the ability to leave their company’s image in the hands of people who will make it fit the contemporary paradigm perfectly.

During the past year, this has been especially pivotal as many companies found their previous marketing and outreach material no longer effective, either due to a message that did not fit the changing world, or due to a tone that was not appropriate to a global pandemic. LMGPR, due to this, has been helping more clients than ever to find their way through the labyrinth of creative destruction cycles that has been accelerated over the past 18 months, allowing them to find better delivery methods and formats whilst the client continues to focus on the core goals of their business. It will be continuing to provide this as it moves forward towards the rest of the year, taking its clients with it into the fast-emerging new era of public communications.

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