The Technological Future of Sustainbility

Sustainability Future

In the most optimal place as a company to aid the world’s pivot towards digitization, energy transition, and environmental efficiency, AVEVA has made itself the ‘Best Global Industrial Software Solutions Provider’ for 2021. Additionally, in response to the trials of the pandemic, it has made itself invaluable to its clients as it aids them in the pivot towards sustainable, innovative, fully remote processes.

AVEVA is a company that has made itself a global leader for industrial software, cementing itself as the foremost company in driving digital transformation and sustainability. It connects the power of information and artificial intelligence with the power and ingenuity of human insight, creating a solution that is truly ahead of the pack, and enabling teams to use data and add value to their business’s services. AVEVA – with a comprehensive portfolio enabling over 200,000 industrial enterprises to operate faster, more effectively, and more efficiently – calls this performance intelligence, and is playing a large role in shaping the future of modern business.

Additionally, AVEVA’s work promotes significant sustainable efficacy. It supports its customers on a one-on-one basis in order to give them the aid they need to succeed, cultivating a trusted ecosystem through which it provides its services to 5,500 partners and 5,700 certified developers. Its size and worldwide status both have lend AVEVA significant credibility across multiple different regions and business scales, gaining it further notoriety one client at a time through its hard work and dedication – all spanning out from its Cambridge headquarters in the UK, with over 6,500 employees and 90 offices across 40 countries.

AVEVA, crucially, makes a name for itself in a naturalistic manner, allowing its work to speak for itself. In doing this it has been able to help industries of all kinds to digitally transform themselves using the cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, and the IIoT in order to create a new era for modern corporate life to step into. The creation of this new paradigm is spurred onward by ever-increasing exponential technologies and innovations, allowing for increased engineering efficacy, operational excellence, resilience, and agility; all things that AVEVA has made itself a powerhouse for, from performance to monitoring and control solutions.

By making itself truly sector and hardware agnostic, it is showing the world that digital insight and transformation can positively change any business across any field or corporate goal. This has been made even more possible thanks to a recent merger. With AVEVA now merged with Scheider Electric’s industrial software, the two have in tandem grown into a global leader for industrial software, digital remodelling, and promoting the health of the entire industrial lifecycle. Moreover, in 2021, AVEVA partnered with OSlsoft, further fast-tracking the company’s growth and improving the digital acumen of the entire corporate world. Customers now have access to that entire combined portfolio.

With values of limitless possibilities, integrity, flexibility, and excellence, AVEVA has cultivated a working environment of constantly reaching for the stars; one that keeps customers and innovation at its core so that it may consistently put their needs first, implementing the latest technologies in doing so. Moreover, this has allowed it to evolve with market trends and grow as an entity, facilitating the exploration by its customers of a new digital market wherein a new standard of excellence is being set, emboldened by changing market trends.

Additionally, today it is intent on offering collaborative, sustainable, innovative solutions to empower the people who work in the industries that keep the world going. It wishes to do this whilst still remaining conscious of its own duty to the world outside of the office, keeping environmental corporate responsibility close to its chest and promoting this attitude amongst its clients, wishing to protect the ecosystems around it. Therefore, it works with customers to work on their own goals for sustainability and environmental corporate action, allowing them to take a pro-active role in the preservation of natural environments and providing them with the pioneering, human-led technologies that will encourage this.

In a similar vein, one of its core priorities going forward is to internally realize its own carbon neutrality goals. This will – in essence – allow it to lead from the front in its field; and given that it works with customers across global energy, manufacture, infrastructure, power, utilities, chemicals, mining, and the marine corporate sector, it hopes to begin to see many others follow suit in order to ensure a better tomorrow. Whilst its work is complex and comprehensive, its customer-facing solutions and the product a client receives is easy to use and sophisticated, as it designs them with the customer’s own business goals in mind. AVEVA’s goal is to help them reach their milestones by way of capital project efficiency, optimized value chains, safe and reliable operations, a workforce enabled and empowered by rich information and decision support, and more.

AVEVA will also go above and beyond to attract the world’s best talent. Being independent as well as a leading mind in its field, it is a hub of innovation and forward thinking, evaluating its global performance against its peers to ensure it is never stagnating, with its exemplary team striving for excellence every day. Moreover, its staff take its core values and make it their own, internalizing AVEVA’s rich history and applying their own passion in the creation of a working environment powered by team spirit; one that promotes diversity and equality, valuing the ideas of people with different perspectives.

With digitization being the key to the future for all industries, both in terms of sustainability and after the acceleration of it during the pandemic, AVEVA has been working hard to make itself fit the new paradigm expertly. This has involved shifts in all methodologies, from designing to building, operating, and maintaining critical assets and production processes. AVEVA’S industrial customers are increasingly leveraging mega trends to empower such transformations. Fundamentally, this means that digital capabilities will increasingly be acting as the barometer for business success – and so, AVEVA is making itself the business partner that will help its customers hit that – as well as constantly evolving its own processes and operations.

Thanks to AVEVA’s solid financial performance across the board in FY21, in the double digits for H1; alongside successful mergers and navigating the pandemic, it is easy to see why this company has become one to watch in its industry. Committed to supporting the realization of a better future, AVEVA has refined and generated its current processes over decades of adaptation. Additionally, between its commitment to its clients, its incredible technological acumen, and the dedication of its staff, its work is forever helping it to reach for its goal of helping customers address all aspects of their sustainability plans and agendas. Looking forward to working with many more sustainably minded businesses in the future to deliver measurable, actionable goals, it is confident that it will see vast improvement in the corporate world’s mindset towards nature in the coming years, excited to be one of the companies leading the charge.

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