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m3ntor Limited

As the world continues to change, so too must many companies. Staff training and ongoing development is crucial for a sustaining a thriving, growth-focused business. Enter m3ntor, named in Corporate Vision Magazine’s Corporate Excellence Awards as 2020’s Leading Virtual Training and Development Specialist. We profiled m3ntor to find out about how it supports businesses deliver their training – more easily.

Whilst training and ongoing staff development can be a vital tool in helping to ensure that businesses continue to expand and grow, it can be a process that is not viable for many. Smaller businesses often cannot afford to employ a dedicated training manager, and sending staff offsite for training courses can prove to be costly in terms of money and time. A perfect solution is available however, in the form of m3ntor. As a virtual training and development service, m3ntor gives business owners and their people access to thousands of online training resources, and the capability to design a tailored training plan that works specifically for them.

For companies looking to invest in their people, m3ntor represents the perfect opportunity. With instant access to more than 170,000 training resources of the highest quality across a myriad of topics, there is no shortage of ways in which this platform can benefit a company of any kind. Every account receives their own personal virtual training and development manager that can be contacted for tailored advice. As well as the advice that they offer, there are also quarterly reports and reviews to ensure that you are getting the best value they possibly can from the service.

Designed and developed by experienced training and development professional, David Breen, m3ntor can offer clients a wealth of services to help them train in a huge number of areas. Of the more than 170,000 online training resources that are available, clients can train in finance, health and safety, sales, IT, project management, customer services, business administration, and compliance to name but a few. There are a wealth of training courses far more niche than these mentioned, and the best way to discover them all is to experience m3ntor first-hand.

Spearheading the success at m3ntor is founder and director David Breen, an experienced training and development professional with more than twenty five years of working in large businesses in the United Kingdom, United States, and Europe. Drawing on his considerable experience, David’s insight, pragmatism, and grounded approach enables him to successfully identify the training needs of individuals and companies alike. For companies in any industry, there can be no better choice for a virtual training and development manager than David.

The way it works is this; once a business has signed up, everyone will be asked to complete a questionnaire that allows m3ntor to identify exactly where current training and development levels are at within the business. Following that, they will be given training content that directly relates to their own specific requirements from a suggested list of courses and resources that can be accessed seamlessly. Every three months, m3ntor will then also review the business’ use of its service before offering advice as to how everyone involved can continue to make the most of it.

m3ntor is available from anywhere in the world, and at any time of the day or night. As well as the professional development that it can be used for, users can also access the service in their own time should they wish to train in topics of personal interest. With no extra cost, every user can benefit from being able to engage and train in areas through the service that m3ntor provides. From exceptional Excel skills to superior social media marketing, there is something for every business with m3ntor.

Imperative for users, the ease of accessibility, and sheer amount of virtual learning modules are key elements that stand m3ntor apart from the crowd. Navigating them is a breeze, as the clear and simple user interface and experience can be easily used to find whatever skill is required. Whether that be a more common skill such as digital marketing, or something more niche such as mining, users can find exactly what they are looking for without hassle.

Key to its ongoing success is m3ntor’s ability to offer different styles of online learning. All people learn in different ways. Individuals often require different approaches and methods to help optimise learning, and m3ntor overcomes this obstacle with a variety of content types and lengths. Interactive activities, videos, listening exercises, skill hubs, and documentation all represent different forms of learning on m3ntor’s platform, and can change the pace for users. They can also keep track of their progress through the MyLearning tab; a place where users can schedule courses and help organise experiences to better absorb what is being taught.

Alongside the wealth of online training and development capabilities that m3ntor offers to its clients, the firm also works hard to deliver hands-on, actionable advice and expertise.

This can take the form of wider training consultancy, face-toface workshops and facilitation, leadership and management coaching, and the creation of specialist training material that caters to exact needs.

By making full use of all the services that m3ntor offers, businesses can benefit in a number of different ways. Firstly, executives and business owners can rest with the peace of mind that a workforce is being invested in, developed, and trained to take the business to even greater levels of success. Secondly, it is far more costeffective than hiring a full-time training and development manager. This easily-accessible way of providing professional development can increase levels of engagement, retention, and overall workplace satisfaction. Finally, there is increased protection for the business.

Everyone has access to compliance training, allowing them to continually meet any legal obligations.

Ultimately, m3ntor’s services are for more than just a business. The development and training resources that the firm offer are designed to bring out the best in people, and drive growth at the companies they work for. Business owners and workers alike can benefit hugely from this beacon of corporate excellence in the eLearning sector.

Company: m3ntor Limited
Contact: David Breen