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Tips for Going Away to College.

One of the biggest events in a young student’s life is leaving for college. You’ll be taking a massive step…

Tips for Going Away to College

12th August 2020

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One of the biggest events in a young student’s life is leaving for college. You’ll be taking a massive step by finally living on your own. You’ll be meeting new people and experiencing new things in a different city or state. Living in a dorm can be a fantastic way to practice your independence while getting ready for the real world when you graduate. So, how do you prepare to be away from home for the first time? Let’s take a look.


Living Arrangements

Going away to college means you’ll need somewhere to live, whether it’s short term housing or in a dorm. You’ll need to figure this out before you get to college so that, when you go, you know where you’ll be sleeping. A lot of people choose dorm living for reasons that include being on campus, socializing, and finances. However, if you’re more of the quiet type, you might want to check into short term housing or an apartment off-campus. 


Wake Up In High School

One of the most common issues freshmen tend to have is waking up in time for class… not really an issue for many enrolled in an online college, but quite prevalent in a traditional college. When you’re in high school, your parents probably wake you up every morning. You can make things a lot easier for yourself if you begin getting into the habit of waking yourself up while you’re still in high school. Just set the alarm on your phone and get up when it goes off. It’s really not rocket science.


Cooking and Laundry

Most kids have chores to do when they live at home. While you might not enjoy these things, they’re actually things you need to know how to do once you get to college and beyond. If you opt to go away to college, you’re essentially making a commitment to start the transition to becoming a grown person. This means knowing how to do such basic things as cooking for yourself and doing your own laundry. Not having food to eat or clean clothes can add stress that you just don’t need. Make sure you know the basics of these things before school starts.


Where are You Going?

As you know, even the top colleges can mean a massive transition in your life. Even if you’re well-prepared, you can become overwhelmed when faced with all of the adjustments. Once you’ve signed up for classes, it’s critical to know where they are and how you’ll get to them. If you’re in a dorm, you might walk or ride your bike to them. If you live off-campus, you’ll need some form of transportation. The thing is, you never want to be late for a class. Some professors might even bar you from entering if you show up late. This also means that you’ll need to know exactly how long it will take to get to each class from wherever you may be. By making sure you plan your day and know when you need to be where you reduce the amount of stress you’re under and increase your chances of success.

Living away from home while you’re in college can be an amazing journey. It can provide you with new connections and you’ll have the experiences you need in order to grow as both a person and a student. Many college graduates remain in contact with their college friends for decades after they graduate. This experience isn’t one that should be faced with apprehension, but you do need to take it seriously and prepare for the changes that are in store.

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