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Trading Made Smarter.

J4 Capital is a registered investment advisor powered by Artificial Superintelligence (ASI), the first of its kind created by J4…

Trading Made Smarter

20th May 2021

J4 Capital

J4 Capital is a registered investment advisor powered by Artificial Superintelligence (ASI), the first of its kind created by J4 Founder and CTO, Jeff Glickman. Using its unique supercomputer, J4 is able to predict market behaviors for liquid exchange-traded securities based on efficient market hypotheses. We take a closer look at this team of trailblazers in technology and find out how they are taking AI to the next level in order to optimize the investments of its clients.

In just over a decade, Artificial Intelligence has evolved from an idea of science-fiction to one of the greatest disruptors to businesses, economies, cultures and society as a whole. J4 Capital LLC is a registered investment advisor headquartered in Illinois, USA, that has taken the next step in AI to create Artificial Superintelligence, the next generation which offers predictive technology and the ground-breaking capacity for self-coding.

The first and only known intelligence of its kind, ASI was created by technology pioneer, Jeff Glickman, who is also the Founder and CTO of J4. Having been awarded multiple patents for machine learning in the 1990s, he set forth the foundations of ASI in 2005, with the vision of evolving AI to be better suited for success in the financial markets. After more than a decade of continuous research and development, Jeff and his team at J4 were able to deploy ASI to intraday trading on the US equity markets.

The supercomputer is designed to predict the market behaviors for liquid exchange-traded securities, programming itself with its self-code capacity to adapt to the constantly changing market conditions. Far surpassing human capabilities and capacities, J4’s ASI system has created a staggering historical accuracy of around 60% in intraday trading, thus boosting efficiency and optimizing current holdings of investors.

Working with institutional investors and professional allocators such as family offices, endowments, foundations and advisors to high net-worth investors and pension plans, J4’s unique methodology based on efficient market hypotheses is developing returns that would not be possible in the search for inefficient asset pricing, which leads to crowded trades and lower accuracy. Moreover, whilst many AI-powered investment firms employ a black box, J4’s technology is white box, meaning all of the supercomputer’s processes are fully traceable to allow for investigations and analyses of all decisions made by the ASI. With these insights, investors are able to understand why predictions were made and make decisions about future investment strategies.

Combining its market-leading expertise in technology and the financial industry, J4 today has the foundations from which to further develop its capabilities. Currently trading on certain highly liquid US equity securities on an intraday basis, J4 is building out its securities platform and adding additional exchange-traded liquid securities, highly liquid foreign entities and currencies to further diversify the platform and its portfolio.

With the support of the COO, David Oring and Director of Engineering, Robert Emanuele, Jeff Glickman will oversee the platform’s broadening capabilities, that are facilitated by a strong advisory board coupled with top tier service providers. Moreover, the unique private cloud technology infrastructure upon which J4 has been built is highly secure and scalable, accommodating J4’s bold ambitions to increase its assets under management.

Yet as ASI becomes an increasingly disruptive and exciting concept in the investment and financial sectors, there is no doubt that its vast capabilities will also attract the attention of many other sectors, such as government and military applications, manufacturing and supply chain logistics, healthcare and pharmaceutical, legal analysis, as well as marketing, media and transportation. Thus, driven by its successes in US equity markets and dedication to constant evolution and development, the future looks bright for J4 and its team, as, with the support of ASI, they lead the technology revolution for tomorrow.

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