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What To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Storage Solution.

When businesses grow, so is their need for extra storage space. Suppose you want to store away sizable business machinery…

What To Consider When Choosing A Commercial Storage Solution

27th February 2023

When businesses grow, so is their need for extra storage space. Suppose you want to store away sizable business machinery and heavy equipment that you occasionally use or need more space to keep an excess inventory of products. In that case, a commercial storage solution is a smart investment. 

This article shares the basics of a commercial storage solution, its benefits, and how to choose the right one for your business. 

Commercial Storage Solution And Its Benefits

A commercial storage solution is a rental storage space designed for businesses. It allows companies of all sizes to store necessary business items and belongings. It can be as simple as using a 10ft shipping container within the business premises or a specialized unit in storage facilities. 

Commercial storage allows a business to take out unnecessary items in the office or warehouse and move them to a unit for temporary storage. With dedicated storage space for business items and belongings, a company can enjoy a clutter-free office or accommodate temporary changes, such as office renovation or relocation. It also ensures the security and safety of valuable items.

6 Things To Consider When Looking For A Commercial Storage Solution

If you decide to get a storage solution for your business, here are some factors to consider to choose the right one for your needs.

1. The Items You Need To Store

The first thing to consider when choosing commercial storage is the items you’ll store. Before looking for units, you must list all business items and equipment you need to keep. It allows you to plan and find the suitable space you need. 

Since there are a lot of storage units to choose from, identifying the kind of items and equipment you need helps narrow down your options, making your search easier. 

2. Location

Choose a commercial storage facility closer to your commercial property or office. It is especially true if you need regular access to the items stored in the unit. Choosing a unit nearby helps save on travel time and costs.        

3. Size

Size is a significant factor to consider when choosing a commercial storage solution. You want to choose a storage solution that’s large enough to fit the items you need but not too big that you need to pay for excess space. 

Depending on the item you’ll store, you should look closely at a unit’s overall width, depth, and height. For instance, if you’re keeping a piece of tall, heavy equipment, it makes sense to look for a storage unit with enough vertical clearance. 

When listing the items you want to store, include their dimensions. It allows you to determine if a storage unit can accommodate your business’s items without causing damage. 

4. Security And Safety

Security should be a priority when looking for a reliable commercial storage unit. Regardless of what you’re storing, you need to know that the items are safe and secure. Thus, you should check if the storage facility is fully equipped with security features. 

Strategically placed 24/7 CCTV cameras and guards can ensure that the units are safe against thieves and burglars. Aside from that, you also need to look for safety features such as fire emergency response. You need to know how the facility protects your belongings in case of a fire breakout or other natural disasters. 

5. Access

In terms of storage unit access, you have two options–full service and self-service. 

A full-service can control who gets access to your unit with your approval. It may also provide extra services such as delivery and pick-up, providing convenience when you need the items without visiting the unit. 

Meanwhile, a self-service unit means you’re the only one with access to the unit. Staff members from the storage facility can only open and access your unit.     

6. Cost

As with any business need, the cost will always be critical. And you need to choose a commercial storage solution that fits your budget. 

Generally, the unit’s cost will depend on several factors, including storage period, unit size, location, and other extra services. Some providers offer a monthly fee, while others have annual plans. Please note that most providers may require a minimum storage period and a security deposit. 

When talking to a provider, always ask for additional fees, such as late payment penalties or unit damage costs. 


With the right commercial storage solution, your business can get the extra space you need while keeping your office or warehouse organized. If you’re in the market for commercial storage, consider the above tips to help you choose the suitable unit that ticks all the boxes and securely stores your business items. 

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