What to Do If Your Business Vehicle Gets Involved In a Semi-Truck Crash

Personal Injury

Commercial vehicle accidents are not an easy situation to be involved in. Not only will it disrupt your business workflow and operations, but you’ll also need to handle and go through the fundamental steps of smoothening the semi-truck crash. With so many things involved in such a process, it could be pretty overwhelming to undergo everything, especially if you’re at a loss on what to do.

It’s time to prevent that from happening, so it’s wise to get yourself familiar with how to handle semi-truck crash cases. After all, commercial truck accidents are common anywhere. The key is finding a reputable lawyer from a pool of truck accident attorneys and familiarize yourself with the actions to take when caught in this unfortunate situation.

It’s best to follow these steps so you can protect your rights during a semi-truck crash.


1. Report the Crash

Anyone involved in a semi-truck accident shouldn’t escape but rather stay until the accident gets reported since it’s crucial to take the necessary actions right after the crash’s impact.

When you park your vehicle to speak to the other party, you should right away call 911 and report the incident. You may also contact the state highway patrol. As soon as an officer arrives, they will inspect the situation, fill out an accident report, and instruct you on what to do next. To ensure that you have records in case you need to use them as evidence, request a copy of the accident report if you have to go to court later.

Additionally, before putting your car on the side of the road, turn your hazard lights on and put cones around your semi-truck to inform other vehicles that you’re caught up in an accident. Doing so will make you a responsible driver and help others navigate the growing traffic.


2. Document the Scene

Another crucial step to take is to document the scene. First of all, take as many photos as needed. A picture of a semi-truck accident scene is the best way to demonstrate its severity. Ideally, this should be immediately done after an accident or as soon as possible afterward. If you have forgotten to take photos during the crash scene, you can still do so at least before you admit your car into the repair shop.

Take pictures of all the vehicles involved, the license plate numbers, the impacted surfaces, and all the damages incurred in the accident. You may also take photos and videos of the injuries if anyone sustained any.

Aside from photos, some necessary documentation details include contact information of everyone involved in the car crash, including notes on the external conditions like weather, road situations, etc.

If the weather affected drivers’ visibility or the road was slick, it is essential to take photos to use them as evidence. You should also ask other parties for their name, contact number, address, email, insurance company, policy number, and license number. Whether you’re a startup business using a specialist vehicle or a large-scale established business using a truck, it’s essential to take proper documentation of the scene.


3. Seek Medical Treatment If Necessary

Even if you don’t appear injured after an accident, you must seek medical attention. This ensures that you’re safe and healthy despite the traumatic experience. You may not feel pain or notice injury initially because of your adrenaline, but there could be possibilities that they may occur a few minutes or hours later.

If it’s not necessary to go to emergency room, then at least contact your family doctor and get yourself checked. Seek advice from a medical professional to see if you require any treatment. You may be unable to seek compensation for injuries if you do not seek medical treatment or follow through with the recommended treatments.


4. Communicate With Your Personal Injury Lawyer

Hiring a trusted attorney can get you the compensation you deserve after a truck accident. These professionals specialize in helping car crash victims to receive compensation that’s rightfully theirs.

A person who has been hurt or has a damaged vehicle already has enough to worry about. So, it’s best to hire a lawyer who can assist you every step of the way.

It’s also best to consider some things before hiring an attorney. You can consult some free of charge or ask for some references from friends and families. Just make sure to keep in touch with an experienced and approachable lawyer who knows all the nuts and bolts of semi-truck crash accidents.



Large or small, truck accidents still require severe and immediate actions. In a semi-truck crash claim, resolving the issue on your own is virtually impossible due to so many parties involved. Hence, hiring a personal injury lawyer who can work alongside you in this challenging situation is often recommended.

Along with your acquired documents, evidence, and crash report, you can work with your semi-truck crash attorney and plot for the best ways to deal with the matter professionally and rightfully so.