Why Train Travel is Best for Getting to Work

People that commute to work are always looking for the best ways to get there. This could be bus, plane, car or cycling but we’re here today to tell you why the train is the best mode of transport for your commute to work.

In the year ending June 2022, there were 1.1 billion train journeys made by Brits which highlights just how popular the railway is. But why is it so popular and why should you use it for your commute to work? Keep reading to find out more.

Why is train travel so good?

There are plenty of reasons why the train is the second most popular mode of commuting to work. This includes:

Save money

The main benefit of business train travel is that it’s sometimes more cost-effective than travelling by aeroplane and car. This is especially important given the economic turmoil that the UK is currently facing with people looking for the cheapest ways to do everything in their lives.

Making great savings when booking train tickets online is usually easy too. Simply find a service that fits your plans and book in advance for more preferential rates. You can even pick up a Railcard which can save you 1/3 on most rail fares.

You can be more productive

Now, we’re not telling you to do extra work during your commute but if you’re behind on deadlines then the train is a great place to get your laptop up to make up time and wow your bosses. Plus, you can take advantage of the free Wi-Fi too! Being productive isn’t just about work though. You may be able to read a book or listen to a podcast that you haven’t had time to do.

Environmentally friendly

Train travel is more eco-friendly than flying and in some cases, driving. This means your commute will be greener which is very important given the effects that global warming is having on the environment.

Go directly to your destination

If you’re travelling overseas for your work then you’ll most often find train stations located right in the centre of the city you’re supposed to be in. Airports on the other hand usually require a transfer when you land to get you to the city centre. This could bring about additional costs.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for choosing the train to get you to work.

Lower-stress travel experience

A lot of people find train travel a more stress-free travel experience than others forms of travelling. As with train travel you will be able to purchase tickets and access the train without going through any long or complex security/ check in processes like you would with flying. Once on board you can just sit back and enjoy your journey without the worry of having to drive. Offering a variety of different options for business travel as part of your company’s program demonstrates a commitment to accessibility for everyone.