Why You Should Despose Of Your IT Equipment Correctly & Safely

Dispose your Computing Hardware & Protect the environment.

At Concept Management both your security and the environment matter to us and we are passionate about helping our customers to recycle and dispose of their computer ware responsibly. Proper disposal of computers is important for several reasons including keeping your used computer hard drive content private and releasing the recycling potential from your devices. The potential for recycling components and raw materials in computer hardware is huge and contributes to us collectively reducing the negative impacts of tech waste in the UK.

Why are computers so important?

Computers are an integral part of the modern world. They are electrical devices which work by processing information and data. The likely hood is you are reading this from your own computer, tablet device, phone or maybe even a wearable tech so you may know about some of the many other things computers are good for. Besides surfing the internet, on a computer you can type documents, create spreadsheets, make images, edit film or music and even play games. Computers are made all over the world and there are major brands such as Apple, PC, Windows and Lenovo that make vast ranges of computers internationally.

What should you do with an aging computer?

When computers age they can become slower and less reliable. This can cause problems if a computer is relied upon heavily for work or personal use. As your computer ages it may become unfit for purpose, and you may therefore seek an upgrade. Here at Concept Management we care deeply about giving our clients the power of choice that this stage. It is important that you dispose of your computer and hard drive safely and correctly. Safe recycling or disposal of computer equipment is very important for both security and the environment. Whether you are needing to take care of personal or , we have some key information to help you do it well.

Follow WEEE Legislation correctly

Where recycling is not possible, responsible computer equipment disposal is also crucial as it can affect the environment and disposal services in the UK if you don’t correctly follow WEEE legislation and guidance. Along with your computer itself we also offer responsible recycling and disposal of other hardware including your keyboard, mouse, cables, monitors, laptops and external storage drives.

What do Concept Management offer?

At Concept Management we offer a full range of services in computer equipment disposal where recycling is at the centre and disposal is kept to the minimum. Where we can recycle, we will, as reusing precious raw materials in newer models is a great way to reduce the amount we mine the earth’s resources. Working ethically and ecologically is a priority for us as we want our customers to benefit from updating their technology in the most environmentally friendly way possible. We have fully trained and vetted staff who can assist you or your business with meeting your computer ware disposal needs which surpass the WEEE Directive.

An expert service you can trust

If you do need to completely start again with your computer equipment, we recommend that you use an expert service you can trust to ensure that your computer is effectively cleaned of any sensitive data before it is disposed of. Concept Management offers an ethically and efficiently minded service with onsite destruction of physical kit, hard drive erasure and other options for your obsolete computer ware at our HQ site.

Pioneering recycling service

The tech industry and culture is moving at a faster and faster rate and the demand for rapid renewal of devices is becoming a world waste issue. Where possible, reusing precious raw materials from older computers and devices and repurposing them in new ones is key in closing the production cycle. Disposing of your computer without proper content erasure or approved disposal methods is dangerous and illegal. But, at Concept Management we encourage our customers to go one step further than following the regulatory computer disposal guidelines as we offer a comprehensive and pioneering recycling service.

Highly trained staff

With highly trained staff, schooled in the practical and ethical issues around safe data sanitizing processes, we can confidently offer you a safe and hassle-free computer disposal service. So, whether you need information on the process of how to destroy your hard drive from your computer before recycling it or simply would like a quote for the job you need doing we are happy to help. You can rely on our expertise and experience for all of your computer recycling and data disposal needs.

What are the advantages of IT Recycling?

There are so many advantages to choosing to recycle your computer. From Macs to PCs, we want to have the opportunity to reuse the precious elements found in your old model and repurpose them again and again. Entrusting your computer to an accredited service provider such as Concept Management is also a way to avoid harsh and toxic chemical being released into the environment and polluting our treasured planet. We work beyond the WEEE directive standards which means you have the added benefit of being assured that your data and hardware are being dealt with properly. Improper disposal of computers can leave both you and the environment vulnerable, so we take every step to make your experience with us is safe. We work with each customer to offer a bespoke service for the needs of your job and offering our expert advice all the way so you can make informed choices about your computer recycling and disposal options.

Why should you choose Concept Management?

At Concept Management, we work to be leaders in the responsible and ecologically focused approach to computer recycling and disposal. Our HQ is based in Manchester and due to the substantial demand and our ability to meet it, we have a large team of brilliant staff that offer a 24 hour a day service during the 5-day working week.