Why Your Health is the Key to Your Success in Business


Entrepreneurs pull out all the stops when it comes to getting their businesses off the ground. The early days can involve long days, sleepless nights, and stress on the mind and body. It’s not unusual for an entrepreneur to put in 20+ hour days, ignore mealtimes and forget about what it feels like to really switch off.

Does that sound familiar to you? Are you putting in long hours but not getting the return that you deserve? If so, the problem may be a lack of self-care. While this term can come off a just another trend, it is far from a fad. The importance of self-care should not be ignored or disregarded, especially since the longer you do so, the harder it will be to get back on top of things. Let’s take a look at how your physical and mental health can impact your business and its path to success.


Physical Health

When you set up as self-employed you have deadlines to meet and customers to reach out to and the stress of having a to-do list as long as your arm can force you to neglect your normal routine. It can be tempting to stay in the office and get a takeout five nights in a row instead of going home to get some rest and enjoy a home-cooked meal. It might seem like the right thing to do at the time but the effect of not getting enough sleep and not eating healthy meals can be detrimental to your focus, energy, productivity, and overall health. Lack of sleep – in the more serious cases – can cause heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure. It can also cause weight gain and a weakened immune system, which puts the body at risk of contracting all kinds of illnesses.

Lack of sleep and poor diet choices will leave you looking physically rundown. You could have dark circles under your eyes, poor skin, and you might even experience side effects that include hair thinning and poor circulation. All of these factors can lead to you being forced to take time off work. No one will want to do business with someone who looks physically drained so why not give yourself the best chance at success by looking after your physical health now? It is essential to realize that there is not a one size fits all solution to prioritizing your health. You need to find a series of daily habits that work for you and support your goals. Get out to exercise more, eat healthy meals, get enough sleep, and make sure you look the part each day you show up at the office.


Mental Health

Poor mental health can be the single cause of your business not reaching its full potential. The effects of not looking after yourself mentally can ripple through every facet of your operations. It’s important to know that there are solutions to every problem you’re facing so don’t compromise your mental health and the success of your company. If you’re struggling financially, it’s time to get your finances in order first so you can free up funds to put into your business. This might mean taking out a personal loan to get your own finances in order but the peace of mind you’ll get from knowing that you have extra cash to play with will make things so much easier.

If you’re dealing with a personal issue at home, try to talk things out with your loved ones so it doesn’t seep into your work life and cause even more problems. If you feel alone and anxious about the future, why not join an entrepreneur networking group? It’s a place where you can share ideas, give advice, and make long lasting connections with people who are on a similar path to you.

If you don’t give your mental health the attention it deserves, your productivity and output will suffer. Deadlines will become near impossible to meet, you’ll find it hard to concentrate, and your motivation to succeed will dwindle. Give yourself the best chance of reaching your full potential by taking breaks, asking for help when you need it, making new connections and spending time outside in nature when you can. All of this will boost your productivity in the office and take you one step closer to your dream of being a successful business owner.