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Workers’ Compensation Claims by Industry: Examining the Statistics

When employees suffer work-related injuries or illnesses, workers' compensation plays a critical role and supports them financially and medically.

Workers’ Compensation Claims by Industry: Examining the Statistics

1st August 2023

When employees suffer work-related injuries or illnesses, workers’ compensation plays a critical role and supports them financially and medically. The different challenges faced by workers can be seen in a better light when analysing the statistics associated with these claims. The data empowers workers with options to better understand their employment landscape. 

Highlighting the significance of seeking professional assistance is also important. That’s where 1-800-Injured comes into play. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. Click here to read more how and why the services of seasoned, knowledgeable legal counsel can place workers at an unmatched advantage. 

An Overview of Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers’ compensation is a web of administrative networks and resources built to protect employees and employers when work-related injuries or illnesses occur. The protection comes in the form of compensation and resource support.

Any employee injured or falling ill because of job-related factors may be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits. Such benefits include medical expense coverage, lost wages compensation, and rehabilitative support.

Reviewing the Statistics

Inspecting workers’ compensation claims across different industries grants valuable insights into the nature of work-related injuries. The statistics also give some valuable insight regarding the many specific challenges employees face across various sectors. While keeping in mind that individual circumstances do vary, the statistics are proven to speak directly to the risks involved.

Industry-Specific Trends

Preventing and effectively managing injury and illnesses in the workplace means having intimate knowledge of how these things manifest. Within industries with high rates of workers’ compensation claims, there exist streams of data uncovering the causes of these events.  

Construction Industry

The construction industry regularly ranks high in workers’ compensation claims. Factors such as the physical nature of the work, failures to meet and maintain adequate safety protocols, workplace hazards, and coordination-based problems are all reasons why. Falls, equipment-related injuries, and exposure to hazmat-related incidents are common here.


The manufacturing sector also consistently ranks high in workers’ compensation claims. Machine-related accidents, repetitive strain injuries, and exposure to harmful substances are all claims regularities. Failure to create a safe work environment through site management and training are factors that play a part in these occurrences. 


As healthcare workers, nurses, doctors, and support staff all face remarkable risks in the line of duty. Common injuries originate from lifting patients, needlestick incidents, exposure to infectious diseases, and burnout. Healthcare professionals are also at an increased risk of experiencing assault and other forms of workplace violence. 

Transportation and Logistics 

Transportation and logistics workers face an exceptional number of risks at work. Vehicle-related incidents alone account for a massive number of filed claims. Other incidents such as loading and unloading injuries, repetitive strain, and exposure to hazardous materials also factor into the number of claims in this industry.

Service Industry

Service industry workers ply their trades across a wide range of occupations. Across all of them, claims are commonplace. Workers in this sector are vulnerable to slips and falls, repetitive motion injuries, and exposure to hazardous substances. Workplace violence and burns are also incidents accounting for the service industry’s high ranking for workers’ compensation claims.  

The Legal Advantage

The landscape of workers’ compensation and associated claims has rightfully earned its reputation as a world-class gauntlet. The difficulties involved with the claims process are often stressful and complex. Factors like bureaucracy, apathy, and deceit can make comprehensive knowledge of the legal and medical aspects involved hard to attain. Getting the right help is key.

That’s why it’s wise to ally with reputable legal guides specializing in supporting workers’ rights and related causes. 1-800-Injured is an attorney and medical referral service. It’s designed to help clients, like the ones seeking workers’ compensation, seek favorable results for their grievances. Call now for a free consultation on your claim. 

Such specialized legal assistance strengthens workers’ positions when it comes time to seek compensation for injuries and illnesses. Equipping workers with options to save their breath and energy, and to let the advances on their claim come through a lawyer is a powerful move. It’s a move that can set the tone that workers’ rights will be acknowledged and honoured, or else.

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