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Working at Home: Tips for Business Owners in a New Age.

The last year has done a lot to change the world we live in, especially our jobs. Instead of long…

Working at Home: Tips for Business Owners in a New Age

22nd June 2021


The last year has done a lot to change the world we live in, especially our jobs. Instead of long commutes to the office, many employees find themselves requiring fewer than 10 steps to reach their home office. The pandemic which included a lengthy lockdown, left businesses scrambling to find solutions to remain relevant. They quickly added communication systems that allowed all employees to interact via the internet, resulting in the strong emergence of the remote worker. While no system is perfect, there are several benefits to adopting this practice. 


More Time With Family and Friends

It’s a given that many employees embrace the new normal of working from home. They have more time to spend with loved ones, fewer work-related expenses and reduced stress levels. Fortunately, these added benefits also apply to you, the owner, or as part of the managerial staff. Your vehicles will last longer, you won’t have to pay for renting a large office building, and your employees are available with a push of a button. You’ll also enjoy more quality time with family and friends, helping to strengthen relationships. 



As touched on earlier, remote workers are more cost-effective. You can operate your business from a much smaller space and eliminate the need for lavish furnishings and amenities. You also won’t have a long commute helping to reduce expenses like gas, tolls, and wear and tear on your vehicle which can cause you to purchase a new one sooner than desired. 

The money you no longer need to spend on the office setting remains in the business, accelerating profits. As the owner, you can splurge a bit on the homefront. Go ahead and make plans to upgrade your outdoor living area with the addition of an L-shaped outdoor kitchen, remodel your home office, or take a lavish vacation! 


Office Sickness

When hundreds of people work in the same space, it only takes one sick person to spread the germs to the entire population. During the flu season, a large company can lose 10, 20, or more employees for weeks at a time. That can cause a setback on productivity. However, with employees working remotely, there’s no chance of a sick person infecting anyone else, so you are able to minimize your losses. 


Hard-Working, Dedicated Employees

The trend of employees looking for companies that allow remote working is growing. Making the change to a work-from-home environment will keep your existing employees happy and make it easier to find qualified individuals in the future. With a wireless connection, employees can sign in from virtually anywhere they have access to the internet. This makes it easy to visit relatives out of state, catch up with old friends, and vacation when it’s convenient for them. This flexibility will produce rewards in the form of higher productivity levels. 


Access to Qualified Help

In the past, you had people on staff that met with qualified applicants. Over the course of several weeks and sometimes months you had an elimination process until you were left with only a few from which to choose. Commute times were a definite concern to many individuals who decided not to apply or withdraw from the pool. With employees now working remotely, where they live in relationship to the physical office is not a factor. This broadens the search to include qualified candidates that may live in another state or even another country. 


The demographics, which only a year ago included a large office building for employees, are quickly changing. Today, many companies understand that having remote workers benefits not only the employees but also the employer. New technologies make it possible to transform the workplace and offer remote work as a viable option for all. 

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