Welcome to the September Issue of Corporate Vision Magazine.

In this issue, we recognise many companies in the software and technology industry who are creating innovative products, whilst staying on top of current and future trends. One example is Intetics who develop software products, IT support and data processing. Their CEO and President Boris Kontsevoi describes their new software development framework which has helped Intetics stand out in the industry.

Brexit is an issue that is still very relevant in the news. We look at how manufacturers and exporters must have plans to put their products and services upmarket, how professional hiring is stable post-Brexit and the ongoing concerns surrounding the impact of Brexit on investment.

Finally, we take a look at a number of significant corporate issues including spotting money laundering, tips to prevent staff from being bribed, guidelines on achieving the best customer value and growth and also eight steps to profitable sustainability.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Matt Lewis, Editor