Issue 10 2020

Welcome to the October issue of Corporate Vision Magazine. As always, we are a monthly publication devoted to providing you with the latest insight and news from across the corporate landscape. Whether it be the latest in marketing, coaching, and HR or the hottest new optimisation technologies, we seek to provide business owners and managers with the tools to drive the future of better business.

Future is really the key word in that mission statement. While the past is the past and the present can be seen as set in stone (the path we’re on decided by decisions made days, months or years ago), the future is almost optimistic by definition. Changeable. Malleable. While 2020 has been a textbook example of plans thrown out the window, 2021 is tinged with the promise of improvement.

With all of this in mind, this month’s inclusions are looking to the future to bring about change to their business and those around them. From next generation recruitment techniques to the latest IT project management technologies, we’ve spotlighted a few companies and their leaders who look to better the future.

As always, we hope you stay safe out there. Have a wonderful month ahead.