The 2017 UK Corporate Excellence Awards Press Release


Corporate Vision Unveils the 2017 UK Corporate Excellence Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2018– Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2017 UK Corporate Excellence Awards.

Now in its third year, CV Magazine’s prestigious 2017 UK Corporate Excellence Awards seek the very best of the best from across the UK’s vibrant and ever evolving business market. Sector, business size and location within the UK are not factors in deciding the winners of this programme; all we want to do is showcase the very best firms and the people driving them to success.

Discussing the programme, Nathan Angell, Awards Co-ordinator, commented: “I am truly proud of the success of my deserving winners, all of whom have shown true excellence and dedication. It is my privilege to offer them my sincerest congratulations and to wish them the very best of luck going forward.”

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Eradicating Poverty in Africa Through Profits.


Better Globe AS in Norway is the marketing part of their sister company Better Globe Forestry Ltd in Kenya and Uganda. Rino Solberg explains more about the firm and the services that it offers.

Better Globe AS see themselves as one with Better Globe Forestry, and they believe that they cannot present one without the other, as each company possesses the same vision and mission. Rino provides us with a brief overview of the company, who they work with and what services the team offers.

“Here at Better Globe, we sell high quality trees as a valuable commodity with a very good buyback deal, and the trees are planted and processed in Africa by Better Globe Forestry. So, we actually serve customers all over the world, as the sale is mostly done online through our website.

“Additionally, we also sell a second product, something we call a Donation Package, which consists of trees, water, microfinance and support for children, where 100% of the donation part of the package is given to needy farmer families and where two trees are kept for a good profit, for the ones who buys the package and give the donation. Our customers are from all over the world,
as we have sales agents and customers from over 40 countries.”

Possessing both a vision and a mission which align themselves with saving the environment and eradicating poverty, it is important that the company set itself realistic goals, and Rino outlines what steps are necessary in order to achieve this.

“Embedded in the company is our vision which is; ‘To eradicate poverty and corruption in Africa.’ Whilst our mission is; ‘By social entrepreneurship plant as many trees as there are people on this planet and thereby finance a sustainable implementation of our vision’, both of which are key to our success.”

“When looking to reach our goals, our strategy is through a three-pronged approach, the first is to make the tree planting of mahogany the money-making engine behind the whole concept, where money is earned for everybody which is involved, the farmers who plant the trees, the company running the operation, the people who sell trees and the people who buy the trees in the first place. 

“Secondly, we also have a microfinance deal for the farmers, to kickstart their entrepreneurship into agroforestry and we teach them how to make the best out of their farms.

“Lastly, we build schools and educate children, in cooperation with the NGO ‘Child Africa International’ and teach them honesty and integrity in order to eradicate corruption long term. So far, after 13 years, we have had great success in all the three areas. After 13 years, of what we call only a ‘Pilot project,’ we have planted over 1.5 million trees, we have helped approx. 5000 families out of extreme poverty and we have helped over 10,000 children through school, but this is just the beginning. In the years to come, we will plant 8-9 billion trees, we will help millions of farmers out of poverty and support millions of children in schools.”

In order to fulfil its targets of planting enough trees in the right amount of time, the company has had to build partnerships, comprising of trust and understanding, enabling a positive outcome. Rino points us towards the firm’s partnership with other laboratories, whilst also hinting at the possibility of Better Globe Forestry opening its own facility.

“For us to manage to plant so many trees fast enough, we have worked with a university forestry laboratory in Ghent in Belgium over a period of 10 years, so we could develop the protocol for cloning out trees in their laboratory. We now have that and in 2018 we will build our own laboratory in Kenya and start cloning our trees there. When that is operating, we will be able to clone millions of trees very fast, so we can speed up the planting process. This way, we will be able to reach our goal of planting 8-9 billion trees and thereby eradicating poverty in Africa.”

Interestingly, Better Globe Forestry is a unique company in the modern times. It is a company that simultaneously puts the planet and its people first, and pays attention to both equally. It is a company consisting of a forward-thinking and purpose-driven attitude, making itself a key component of the community. Rino goes into a bit more detail about the forestry side of Better Globe.

“For a business to serve the world the way Better Globe Forestry does, is the true definition of prosperity with a purpose; that is, the company does not benefit unless the community and the planet do. Planting trees also lays a foundation for a proper education. When Better Globe Forestry plants trees, they give residents the opportunity to educate themselves on farming practices and earn money. With money, they can afford school fees for their children. This process shows that trees are a priceless component for a happy and healthy life.”

Better Globe, as a company, is financed in a way slightly different to other companies, as Rino highlights. Being market driven, the company owns all its processes in a sustainable manner, and its goals and mission help to mark it out as the best possible option for clients.

“Better Globe’s financing is based on a ‘Crowdfunding’ system, where people can buy trees as a commodity, with a fixed buyback deal over 20 years, starting from year five. Better Globe buy the trees back at approx. 12 times the buying price. Anyone can buy one tree or thousands of trees at 17 euro per tree. The first four years they get nothing, but from the fifth to the 19th year we pay 15% down on the buyback deal of the trees. (We have done this for seven years without fail this year). This leave to be paid the 20th year 170 euro, which then total 208.25 euro and we take over the tree. We can do this with very little risk involved, because our trees are high value mahogany trees, which has a safe future market with steady growth and almost no fluctuations over 50 years.

“Furthermore, our sister company, Better Globe Forestry Ltd. is the most recognised forestry company in Kenya today and we have working relationship with all the players in the field we work in. We have MOU’s with Kenya Forestry Service (KFSGovernment), Kenya Forestry Research Institute (KEFRI) and The World Agroforestry Centre (ICRAF), University of Ghent in Belgium and University of Nairobi, just to mention a few. No other forest company have the same vision and mission and no others have the same approach as Better Globe. Due to our special way for people and companies to buy trees with such high return after 20 years, it is not easy for anybody to compete with us. After all, we have done all the research and mitigated all possible risks for 13 years and today not much can spoil our business model. Most other forestry companies only have one process, they plant trees and then sell timber to the process industries. The downside here is that they are depending on the fluctuations in the paper or building industries.

“Crucial to our success, Better Globe is market driven and will process all the timber into different specially made wooden products and export them direct to the retail shops around the world. We therefore own all our processes in a sustainable manner. As our goal is to plant as many trees as there are people on this planet, it will probably be 8-9 billion trees and this will make a big difference for the environment too.”

Regarding the internal culture within the company, Rino explains how he and the team ensures that all of its staff are always best placed to provide the best service possible to clients.

“Since Better Globe has the vision and goals to eradicate poverty and corruption in Africa and at the same time fight global warming, by taking care of the environment, the people who are attracted to us are mainly people with the same kind of interest. To work with us and to see the results of what we accomplish motivates them extremely well. All we have to do is to give them the tools so they can follow our system and the rest takes care of itself.”

Evidently, the company is doing extremely well and has been acknowledged in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2017 as the Most Compassionate Africa Support Group 2017, and Rino explains how it feels to have been selected and what this means for the company going forwards.

“It is always good to be recognised for the job we do and working in Africa is not the easiest job to take on, so we appreciate the award very much. We are especially happy that there is a recognised magazine like Corporate Vision outside Africa which recognises us too, as we earlier have been recognised several times, both in Kenya and Uganda before. So, a big thank you to Corporate Vision Magazine for considering what we do.

“Better Globe is a market driven company so this is good for our marketing and can be used for building our brand in the international marketplace. Hopefully, some of the readers of your magazine might be interested in our tree planting projects too and want to know more about our Vision and Mission for Africa. Tree planting is also a very good thing to do for the global climate, as trees capture CO2. We can also tailor make very transparent Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) concepts for companies around the world, so that might be interesting for your readers to know about and they are welcome to contact us in this regard.”

Lastly, looking to build on its going success, there are exciting times ahead for Better Globe AS. Rino signs off by pointing us towards a new venture which the firm will undertake, something which has been in the pipeline for almost five years.

“For almost five years, we have planned the kick off for our newest and probably the fastest growing concept of tree planting in the world. It is called and is a unique loyalty program for online shoppers.

“This will involve us, as a company, making an agreement with online shops of all kinds i.e. cars, supermarkets, clothing, furniture, hotels, airlines, electric appliances, petrol stations and different services etc. Whatever the customer buys from these shops/companies over the whole year, they will get back cash 25% of the total amount as a saving 15 years later. This will lead to that, people who have never had a savings account, receiving this deal automatically when they do their shopping online and it is totally free for them. This way, our partner shops and other companies will beat the competition by giving their customers a savings account that nobody else can compete with and their customers will therefore be their best sales people.”

Contact: Rino Solberg

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: P.O. Box 410, NO-1502 Moss, Norway

Phone: 47 4644 7606


Perfecting Home Care to Create Better Lives


Providing quality home care services to many communities since 1987, Preferred Home Health Care & Nursing Services (PHHC) has established itself as one of the best agencies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. We spoke to Todd Thiede, Chief Financial Officer, to find out more and explore how the firm came to win Most Trusted for Home Care Services 2017 – New Jersey in our prestigious Corporate Excellence Awards 2017.

For more than 30 years, PHHC has provided a wide range of compassionate and dependable skilled nursing and non-medical home health care services, from pediatric to geriatric care, throughout 12 locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Todd explains the firm’s service offering in more detail, outlining how the company works to support its varied clients through individually tailored support.

“Based on long-standing relationships with all of the local hospitals and nursing homes in the region and an intimate understanding of home care complexities, we are deeply committed to helping clients and their families find the right level of care. PHHC is accredited by CHAP (Community Health Accreditation Program), an accrediting organization for the home health care industry.

“Our pediatric patients include children who are medically fragile and require one-on-one nursing care at home. Also, we send nurses to accompany those children able to attend school. Our adult patients range from those with medical conditions resulting from an accident to those with illnesses, such as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). These individuals are often in need of skilled nursing services at home.

“Additionally, PHHC is also dedicated to helping the senior population age in place. We love watching people able to enjoy the golden years in their own homes. We help with all aspects of personal care, including assistance with bathing, dressing, eating, medication, and light housekeeping. Also, we provide companion care so people don’t have to feel lonely in their own homes; and where needed, we take our clients to doctors’ appointments and help with errands. In addition to helping our clients, we can also help their caregivers by providing them some time to relax and recharge.”

The company’s passion and dedication to excellence stems from a very personal mission. Joel Markel, president and founder of PHHC, has a commitment to the community because of personal experiences which cemented his understanding that families need quality care at home.

Between 1989 and 1990, his recently widowed sister was suddenly diagnosed with terminal cancer at age 41, and Joel and his wife took her and her two sons into their home. At about the same time, Joel’s own son, Ryan, was born with serious health problems. Through this heart-wrenching time, they were constantly looking for consistent home health care, and they found it difficult to find qualified and committed caregivers who could tend to his family’s needs.

Unfortunately, Joel’s story did not have a happy ending. Although his sister and son passed away within months of each other, Joel took these sad events as a call to action, to create a concept that would provide the highest degree of care and better service for those in need of home health care. Today, PHHC has established itself as one of the best agencies in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and Joel and his staff work hard to provide excellence for their clients. Todd explains how the firm’s dedicated employees are trained and supported to ensure that they provide the very best of care to their patients.

“This recognition is not only an honor for the founder and president of our firm, Joel Markel, but for our team of more than 4000 employees who have worked throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania this past year. Not only do we want our employees to feel like they are making a difference in our clients’ lives, we want them to feel that they are part of a vibrant company that is committed to helping them achieve their personal best. As part of our dedication to providing clients with the very highest possible standard of care, PHHC provides exceptional training to all our nurses and home health aides taught by our in-house nurse educators and respiratory therapists. Most home health care agencies prefer not to do skilled nursing care, so we are proud to be one of the largest providers in the states in which we are located.

“Our support begins right from the start as our carefully trained intake department, that includes a social worker spends an enormous amount of time making certain we meet patient needs. This may also include assuring that family needs are attended to before and after care begins.”Moving forward, Todd foresees increased demand for PHHC’s services, which will lead the firm to expand and build upon its current achievements, as she concludes.

“With hospital costs rising and the population aging, looking ahead we expect to expand into new territories and to embrace all the latest technologies to keep our services streamlined. Insurance companies have asked us to service their clients in markets where we do not geographically have locations, which is a testament to the quality services we provide; and we intend to continue providing the very best possible service as we look towards a bright and exciting future.”

Contact: Lisa Gallicchio Director of Community Relations

Tel: 1-732-547-9886

Email: [email protected]


Environmentally Friendly Material


Azgard Nine Ltd. is a family owned business, a family that has been active in the textile sector since the 1800’s. Ahmed Shaikh explains what it means to the company to feature in the Corporate Excellence Awards 2017 as the Most Outstanding for Denim Apparel 2017, as well as giving us an overview of the firm.

With the ideal blend of experience and profuse youth, Azgard9 provides its clients with a one stop solution in their quests for trendy, fashionable and practical denim fabric and garments. Functioning with a never say die attitude, Azgard9 is always ready to deal with the challenges of the ever changing and demanding denim fashion industry. Ahmed discusses Azgard9’s vision of being environmentally healthy and producing sustainable goods, placing an emphasis on sales and the war against global warming.

“Azgard9 has taken it upon itself to play a positive part in creating value for our customers and society at large. Azgard9’s ‘Clean Manga, Green Pakistan, Safe World’ is based on principles of dedication to protecting the health and safety of our employees and others, and using resources more efficiently. Our sustainability vision focuses on three major areas: manufacturing excellence, product sustainability and corporate citizenship. The firm is committed to conducting all affairs lawfully and with integrity, ensuring excellence in environmental safety, and all other areas of compliance.

“Essentially, our sustainable denim target is to counter the depletion of natural resources
and to ensure adequate living standards for the planet’s growing population, by applying ways and methods to conserve energy and resources. The making of sustainable denim involves eco-friendly practice in production, by using lesser chemicals, avoiding wastage of water, and controlling the carbon emission, and using recyclable raw materials.

“Since sustainability is the major concern, the world sellers and most end-buyers are aware of the importance of sustainable productions. Hence, we focus equally on both sales and the war against global warming.”

Featuring in the Corporate Excellence Awards as the Most Outstanding for Denim Apparel 2017 follows the Export Performance Trophy 2017 bestowed upon Azgard9 by the Lahore Chamber of Commerce, in recognition of its untiring work to boost Pakistan higher up in the roster of international denim and garments exporters. Ahmed goes into detail about how it feels to have been selected and what it means for the firm going forward.

“This award is a recognition of our efforts to be the leaders of denim manufacturing. We see the award as the European community’s recognition of our unfailing contribution to both the
international garment industry in the most ethical and eco-friendly manner. This award gives Azgard9 the impetus to forge further ahead to achieve the ultimate zero emission status.”

Differentiating itself from its competitors, is the firm’s commitment to providing excellence in the production of denim fabrics and garments that meet both technical specifications and exceed customer expectations. Our team is constantly monitoring trends and looking to be pioneers in the industry, fighting global warming whilst still being relevant in all aspects of sustainability, as Ahmed alludes to.

“Working towards creating a better environment, we define sustainability as doing whatever it is we are doing now, without endangering the ability of future generations to do the same. The means to these ends are a number of procedures to maintain a check and balance on our carbon footprints, effluents in our water, and energy consumption. We never waffle to spend that extra penny for the sake eco-friendliness.

“The overall aim is to put the world population in denim, providing denim for both followers of fashion, and the denim-purists, as well as giving buyers the euphoric feel of being unique. We take pride in our production to bring out the most sensuous fabrics and garments in ways that are non-toxic, ethical and sustainable.”

Providing us with a brief overview of the denim industry, Ahmed tells us what specific challenges are facing the company and how they will adapt to these and make them sustainable. Additionally, Ahmed also describes what techniques staff employ in order to stay ahead of emerging developments within the fabric sector.

“Working out of an underdeveloped country like Pakistan lands us in situations wherein we have to face challenges such as shortage of fuel and power, thus causing unprecedented hikes in our production costs and overheads. To keep pace with the jet-paced fashion industry and consumer markets we always invest in cutting-edge technologies both in the form of machinery and technical expertise. 

“In our garments unit, we have in place an auto cutter of fabric to provide more consistency in our patterns, and auto markers to expeditiously control the consumption of fabric. Plus, within the process is our e-flow system in washing, enabling us to have a stronger handle on water consumption and assisting in curtailing wastage of water at all stages, and lastly auto back pocket machines to ameliorate the consistency.”

Subsequently, in order to meet the demands of both clients and companies, staff must all work together to provide the best service and produce the best results. Ahmed discusses the internal culture in the firm, and how the team ensures that staff are in the best possible position to provide the best service to clients.

“At Azgard9, a very substantive ergonomic policy is in place and followed to the letter. We recognize that the success of our workers defines our collective success, for which regular courses are held internally for the staff to hone their skills and to bring them up to par with the latest technologies.

Added to this, Azgard9 has built co-operations with different reputed textile and fashion institutes for mutually beneficial progress in the field of denim and denim garment manufacturing. Throughout the company, we also have a protocol to depute key staff members to travel abroad to participate in courses in countries such as Japan and China.”

Acknowledging that although there are some issues which arise when working in Pakistan, Ahmed also states that there are many benefits to work in Pakistan which the company will see in the future.

“Fundamentally, Pakistan is blessed with the weather and land to cultivate cotton, and has the centuries old skills of converting raw cotton into the best and finest cotton fabrics and apparels, this being the cornerstone of Pakistan’s textile industry overall. Supplemented by a populace that has the mental capacity and eagerness to excel, we, and the country have the tools to surge ahead and join the best of the best.”

Signing off, Ahmed notes that Azgard9 has come a long way since inception and will continue to fulfil its mission of saving the world and enhancing it for future generations.

“At Azgard9, we combine artistic finesse and scientific logic in spinning, dyeing, and weaving in our denim fabric to be cut and sewn into garments that meet all global standards, and caters to every class of the wearer.

“Over the years, Azgard9 has built its status to being a prolific denim garment manufactory. However, even in the hectic race to stay up with the global denim industry, Azgard9 still prioritizes its leadership role in the campaign to keep the world clean and safe for generations to come.” 

In case of interest in Garments

Company: Azgard Nine Ltd.

Contact: Asif Ali Khan

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Ismail Aiwan-e-Science, Off Shahrah-e-Roomi, Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore, 54600, Pakistan

Phone: 0092 332 0455385


In case of interest in Denim Fabric

Company: Azgard Nine Ltd.

Contact: Munir Alam

Contact Email: [email protected]

Address: Ismail Aiwan-e-Science, Off Shahrah-e-Roomi, Main Ferozpur Road, Lahore, 54600, Pakistan

Phone: 0092 331 4200233


Unconventional Consulting


Diana J. Raimondo is a certified leadership development consultant with 24 years of experience in human resources management, talent management, and organization development. We profiled her to find out more about her success, being named in 2017’s Coaching Top 50 and how she delivers the best service possible to clients.

Diana is the Owner, President, and Founder of Unconventional Consulting, LLC, an Organization & Leadership Development Consulting firm. Not only this, she is also proud to be an alumnus of the Alpha Phi Sorority. Having enjoyed previous roles in many bases, Diana became a fully certified Gallup Strengths Finder Coach in May 2013, and since then, herself and her company have gone from strength to strength. Coaching and leading nearly 400 individuals on their strengths-based leadership journey, it is clear how far Diana has come. On a personal note, Diana is also delighted to be the proud mother of an adopted 9-year-old son, Nahom Enzo, who is from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Possessing over 22 years of experience, Diana has helped individuals and teams reach their full potential in work and life. Holding a diverse background, Diana has accumulated a wealth of experience, working in various industries throughout Florida, Illinois and Nebraska, in fields including transportation, manufacturing, education, IT consulting, healthcare, and most recently the utility industry.

Alongside her extensive experience and knowledge, Diana also holds a variety of impressive certifications and qualifications; notably MBTI, Six Sigma, ECI (Emotional Competency Inventory) from the Hay Group, 16PF (Personality Factors) from IPAT, and is now pleased to be one of a select few GallupCertified Strengths Coaches. In addition to the qualifications Diana has accrued, she has also facilitated leadership development seminars, change management courses, emotional intelligence workshops, business talent reviews and strength-based sessions, helping to coach and train emerging leaders at all parts of their journey.

There are no limitations to the work that Diana does, and she likes to embed this vision and philosophy into her clients, believing that when people focus on their natural strengths, the possibilities are endless. Instilling confidence is a major aspect of the work that Diana does, enthusing that people’s confidence is unshakeable and the momentum is unstoppable. People themselves have the power to persevere and subsequently achieve success, which is sustained through selfbelief.

Previously, Diana served as an Adjunct Professor at Concordia University in Human Resources
Management as well as a Visiting Professor for Loyola University Chicago teaching Emotional Intelligence. Most recently, Diana worked as a Principal Management Development Specialist in Chicago, at Exelon Corporation, where she led people in a variety of areas, including change management, talent management, metrics, employee engagement, to name a few.

Diana has influenced positive change in organizations such as Walt Disney World, McDonald’s USA, First Data Resources, Behlen Mfg. Co., Loyola University Chicago, Creighton University, Chicago Transit Authority, Honeywell International, LifeTime Fitness, Accenture, Patterson Medical, Olenick & Associates, Exelon Corporation, and most recently the Project Management Institute. Her core focus areas are employee engagement, strategic succession planning, metrics, emotional intelligence, and team / leadership effectiveness.

Overall, Diana has a lot to be proud of and a lot to look forward to. Working with individuals and facilitating team building sessions are all part of the job that Diana does, and she helps out in organizations as well as not-forprofits. Additionally, Diana does family coaching in an effort to help members better understand each other’s natural strengths and talents. As well as a group forum, Diana also offers family coaching on a one-to-one basis. Diana’s personal mission is to make a positive, lasting impact, which she sees as the almost justification for her work.

Company: Unconventional Consulting LLC

Contact: Diana J. Raimondo

Contact Email: [email protected]

Phone: 001 773 480 1971

Issue 1 2018

Issue 1 2018

Welcome to the 1st issue of Corporate Vision this year, your source for the latest news and innovative features from across the globe.

In recent news, a new corporate supply chain finance platform recently launched. The platform aims to improve credit management and provide additional transparency, security and flexibility for banks and their corporate customers.

Kickstarting this years’ 1st  issue, we met small to medium sized law firm, Law Firm Zavrsek LLC who provide their clients with a broad range of services. Taking time to discuss more about the experienced firm is Managing Director, M.Sc. Roman Zavrsek who gives us an overview of this insightful and award-winning law firm.

Continuing the theme of success and innovative ways, we profile the UK’s leading Wellbeing Coach training academy, Raw Horizons. We take a look at the firm’s inventive techniques as well as what makes the academy so successful.

Lastly, ENGIE is a global energy player, as well as an expert operator in the business of electricity, natural gas and energy services. Recently, we sat down with Nicole Iseppi as we looked to find out a bit more about her own accomplishments and also those of the company.

Here at Corporate Vision Magazine, we hope that you enjoy reading this packed edition and we wish you all the best for 2018.

Businesses Not Taking Advantage of Tax Exemptions to Reward Staff


Research shows 90% of businesses missing out on tax exempt bonuses that boost staff productivity and morale.

An Increasing number of British businesses would like to regularly reward their staff but feel limited by budgets, according to new research. 

However, fewer than one in ten employers are aware of the government allowances that would allow them to make the tax-exempt awards, allowing them to more regularly give small rewards to boost staff productivity and morale.

A survey of 1,500 UK workers and business leaders by One4all Rewards, as part of a campaign to raise awareness of HMRC’s Trivial Benefits Allowance, revealed that 83% of British bosses would like to give regular bonuses and rewards to their employees in a bid to boost employee morale, motivation and loyalty.

More than half (53%) of British business leaders said that they do not currently give their employees non-performance related benefits because the business does not have enough budget and cannot afford them.

In April 2016 HMRC made changes to workplace benefits rules to allow businesses to benefit from the exemption – reducing tax and National Insurance Contributions charges. However, only 10% of businesses are currently making use of the tax exemption on trivial benefits.

Just over a fifth (22%) of UK businesses are aware of the tax relief available on trivial benefits, with only 11% planning to make use of them before the end of the current tax year.

Despite the relatively small sums involved, the survey showed that receiving this kind of benefit would improve workers’ morale (48%), make them feel more loyal to the company (35%) and even motivated to work harder (31%).

What’s more, 62% of workers said that rewards in the form of a gift voucher or card which allows them to choose their own reward, would have the biggest impact on their attitude towards work.

Almost half (47%) of UK workers stated that they would most appreciate a bonus or reward not linked to their performance at Christmas, 32% would like to receive a bonus after a particularly busy period at work and 26% on their birthday.

Alan Smith, UK Managing Director of One4all Rewards, said: “There is lots of potential for British businesses to offer non-performance related benefits to their staff under the latest HMRC changes to the workplace benefits rule.

“The changes to the workplace benefits rule have been introduced to help businesses similar to those we surveyed, who have limited budgets to reward their employees.

“We can see from the research that only a small proportion of businesses are currently making use of the tax exemption on trivial benefits, however, 11% of UK bosses are intending to make use of the tax exemption before the end of their tax year.

“As Christmas was highlighted as the top season workers would like to receive a benefit, now is the perfect time for business leaders to consider making the most of the tax exemptions on non-performance related trivial benefits.”

One4all Rewards are industry experts in benefits and rewards. Working with over 6,000 businesses of all sizes nationwide, One4all Rewards helps to transform customer and employee relationships through successful rewards and incentive schemes.