Creating the Bond Between Brand to Human®

IDealogic® Brand Lab

Remarkable branding is much more complex and involved than simply a brand’s logo or visual communications. Worthy winner of Corporate Vision Magazine’s award for Best Branding, Marketing, & Advertising Agency 2020 – Texas, IDealogic® Brand Lab has found that great branding backed by science leads to influential positioning for any organization. The unique, Houston-based creative agency has created a proprietary, results-based brand science built around human behaviour. Here we take an exclusive peek into the secrets of the firm’s success and client wins.

As a full service, visual communications company, IDealogic® Brand Lab’s core focus is in complete brand creation and market implementation, including Brand Analysis, Brand Strategy, Company and Brand Culture engineering, Brand Experience, Brand and Marketing Communications. The agency specializes in the ART & SCIENCE of company branding. Though a boutique firm, the honed skills of the agency’s people make the company a powerhouse for creativity and strategic design.

As leading experts in the Art & Science of branding, IDealogic® is seamlessly positioned to work with any organization in order to produce results that not only draw in more sales, but also improve how their clients’ businesses function to ensure staff members are aligned and unified. As a result, companies thrive, drawing on the meaningful connections that make the biggest possible impact.

The brand’s approach to influential branding is vastly different from today’s industry standards; the industry-agnostic agency pushes the envelope where no other brand has been before. The firm’s staff accomplishes this feat by studying the psychology behind human behaviour and human nature and applying their findings to their branding.

The company’s Brand Science℠ has given IDealogic® the ability to truly understand human behaviour and brand development on a genetic level, becoming the catalyst that creates the bonds between Brand to Human®. This approach has helped the clients not only view their target audiences in
a new light, but to garner clear, measurable results in revenue, reputation, and brand loyalty.

“When you are inclined to build a meaningful relationship with someone, do you base it off monetary value, or is it because of common interests and principles? Why would the Brand to Human® relationship be any different?” – Ron Netanel, Founder of IDealogic®.

To be effective in branding, companies should aim to appeal to the needs and desires of the target audience in order to foster a relationship that can
be expanded upon through the sales of goods and services. IDealogic® firmly believes that every company, in every industry, should engineer its brand around the people who matter, so that the brand revolves around what it means to be human.

The Brand to Human® scientific approach is the foundation for IDealogic’s core beliefs. The firm stands on the principle that brands should no longer be intangible identities; instead, they should have personality and exist as human-like entities. This approach is a three-phrase process that carries great meaning and purpose, pushing businesses to work toward building relationships with consumers in order to garner the sale. With this innovative science, IDealogic® creates phenomenal, Fortune 500-caliber brand identities for small and mid-market companies looking to grow market share.

Typically working alongside mid-market B2B and B2C organizations with annual earnings that range between $50M to over $1B, IDealogic® has proven its capabilities to adapt and adopt in a vast array of industry segments. By focusing on building profitable relationships between companies and the people who purchase from them, IDealogic® has a track record that has garnered significant results for client partners.

IDealogic’s main goal is to capture market share for each and every client. The firm’s proprietary, scientific approach to branding, marketing, and advertising has positioned the brand with a unique advantage to develop strategies that free clients from stuck spots, help them see through blind spots, and turn business pain points into gain points. In most businesses, leadership have aspiring ideas to grow the company; however, a lot of these ideas are disjointed and do not work together for a consistent brand experience. IDealogic® focuses on the company’s pain points by analysing everything in the brand’s ecosystem. By doing so, IDealogic® can fill in the gaps with strategic brand solutions.

Per IDealogic®, the key to brand success is understanding humans and creating strategies that appeal to our desires, needs, and journey. The firm does this based on an understanding of human behavior, cultures, lifestyles, and aesthetic appeal. This process revolves around in-depth strategies that facilitate the customer experience and foster brand loyalty. Defining and creating the brand’s architecture, strategy, concept, and visual appeal are only some of the points in the Brand to Human® process that guarantee a company’s significant growth.

IDealogic® applies the Brand to Human® method to every client, strategically transforming the business model into a Brand Model® built around purpose, values, and meaning. In this way, everyone interacting with the organization—customers, staff, leadership, vendors, partners, etc., —benefits. Clients are reaping great rewards and long-term benefits by being able to understand their customers’ values and beliefs. These powerful results include increased market share, brand awareness,
and perceived value; the elimination of growth plateaus, the delivery of memorable customer experiences, and more. IDealogic® removes the guesswork for clients to see scalable growth and seamless engagement through market and competitor analysis, buyer persona and customer segment development, customer experience analysis and complete brand development strategy. This system is a major component of the agency’s Brand ScienceSM.

As a valuable asset across the branding, marketing and advertising spectrum, it is clear that the company’s scientific Brand to Human® approach is a method that is instantly transferable to a number of disciplines. Built on the science behind human relationships, IDealogic® is able to draw a deeper connection that allows the agency and its clients to reach significance. With no greater proof than the branding agency’s own success, we cannot wait to see what IDealogic® Brand Lab does next.

Company: IDealogic® Brand Lab
Contact: Ruth Netanel
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2020 Canadian Business Awards press release

Corporate Vision Unveils the 2020 Canadian Business Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2020- Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Canadian Business Awards.

Canada is, in many ways, an unsung hero on the global business landscape. Fuelled by innovation and creativity, Canadian businesses have endeavoured to make first steps into industries and areas where other countries show hesitation. A world leader in hydroelectric power, Canada has invested considerable resources in renewable energy, paving the way for immense change down the road. Canada is also home to a thriving technology community. It is an agricultural powerhouse and vital hub for manufacturing.

Corporate Vision launched the Canadian Business Awards to highlight all the businesses which power and drive these industries (and many more besides). Ultimately, Canada is a country defined by business excellence, and its successes deserve to be recognised and broadcast.

Discussing the success of the winners, Awards Coordinator Edward Faulkner commented: “It is with great pride that I congratulate all of the winners of the programme and wish them a wonderful year ahead.”

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit:



About Corporate Vision Magazine

Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.

Corporate Vision Unveils the 2020 Canadian Business Awards Winners

United Kingdom, 2020- Corporate Vision Magazine has announced the winners of the 2020 Canadian Business Awards.

Canada is, in many ways, an unsung hero on the global business landscape. Fuelled by innovation and creativity, Canadian businesses have endeavoured to make first steps into industries and areas where other countries show hesitation. A world leader in hydroelectric power, Canada has invested considerable resources in renewable energy, paving the way for immense change down the road. Canada is also home to a thriving technology community. It is an agricultural powerhouse and vital hub for manufacturing.

Corporate Vision launched the Canadian Business Awards to highlight all the businesses which power and drive these industries (and many more besides). Ultimately, Canada is a country defined by business excellence, and its successes deserve to be recognised and broadcast.

Discussing the success of the winners, Awards Coordinator Edward Faulkner commented: “It is with great pride that I congratulate all of the winners of the programme and wish them a wonderful year ahead.”

To learn more about these illustrious winners, and to find out the secrets behind their success, please visit



About Corporate Vision Magazine

Created by a highly experienced and passionate team of business experts, advisors and insiders, Corporate Vision provides discerning readers worldwide with a wealth of news, features and comment on the corporate issues of the day.

Consultancy Firm Clarasys Cement Success

Consultancy Firm Clarasys Cement Success

For businesses that are stuck in their ways, a consultancy can provide dynamism and refreshingly pragmatic approaches to long-unsolved problems. Discover more about how Clarasys, a fresh and exciting London-based consultancy, has been named Best Independent Management Consultancy of 2019 in the UK, as we profile its fantastic work.

Delivering a customer-focused approach to solving needs at the pace of business demands, Clarasys has emerged as one of London’s best consultancy management services. With more than 100 consultants working across a range of industries including financial services, public sector, healthcare, IT services, telecommunications and professional services, this dynamic firm is the ideal partner for any business looking to reinvigorate themselves.

Founded in 2010, this firm believes there is a better way to do consultancy. For Clarasys, the right way means collaborating with businesses for rapid transformation, offering unparalleled skill in discovering the root causes of problems, and overcoming challenges. Committed to working with clients, rather than simply for them, the firm ensures it understands priorities and goals, making them its own for the duration of the work.

Established to be agile from the ground up, the firm applies its agility to any and all client work. Using its unique, enterprise, agile approach, Clarasys works to quickly identify and unlock value, providing teams with direction and clarity moving forward. This philosophy of speed without compromising on quality of service is one the firm shares with clients, helping to balance quick wins against lasting transformation whilst building capability and self-sufficiency.

Lasting transformation can take a myriad of forms. For Clarasys, it means helping clients build the necessary foundations for continual transformation well into the future with the capabilities to deliver future projects in the most efficient way.

At the core of the Clarasys service is its commitment to helping clients put customers and employees at the heart of their business. Coupling a deep expertise of customer experience with operational effectiveness, the firm enables clients to join together front and back offices to deliver change. As well as meeting the needs of business customers, the work also helps meet the demands of a diverse set of employee needs and expectations.

Where the firm truly excels is not just in quality delivery of services, but the result of those services. Driving up customer retention, enhancing customer and employee experiences, and maximising service satisfaction are just some of the reasons that clients choose to work alongside Clarasys to help them succeed.

Digitalisation is very much on the horizon for businesses in 2019 and beyond, if not already well-incorporated. As a key part of their excellent services, consultants at Clarasys help clients design, and ensure company-wide adoption of new digital services. Processdriven and tech-neutral, the firm doesn’t work with specific tech manufacturers, meaning that clients get access to the best tools, resources and technical approaches tailored to their own specific needs.

For companies working in consulting, each and every client is unique and therefore the solutions need to be as well. Another way Clarasys separates itself from the competition is its bespoke approach to every client’s problem. Helping a variety of organisations from FTSE 100 firms to government organisations and non-profit companies, the approach is always totally unique as no two situations are ever the same.

That level of bespoke care doesn’t just cultivate success, it also leaves clients feeling as though Clarasys is an extension of their own team, resulting in longstanding relationships. The firm’s aforementioned collaborative approach to work is essential for successful project outcomes, gaining necessary information from the right people at the right time without intruding on a client’s day-to-day work.

Clarasys, like many consulting firms, attributes its success to its employees. Where this company stands proudly above its competition, however, is in just how good its staff are at what they do. Cultivating fantastic relationships with clients, delivering only the highest quality work, and ensuring the company is a wonderful place to work are just some of the ways in which this consultancy firm’s staff have made it into an award-winning workplace.

Just this year, Clarasys placed third in The Sunday Times Top 100 Best Small Companies To Work For, a testament to the incredible work ethic there and cementing its status as a desirable place to work. The firm has also been awarded the maximum three stars for its extraordinary level of workplace engagement.

These wins are an important acknowledgement that Clarasys continues to thrive in an industry facing increased competition. By remaining focused on its core activities, building on its already-impressive reputation for delivering lasting change, and being confident that its unique services give it an edge, this firm will remain at the forefront of the industry as it expands.

Looking to the future, it is brighter than ever for this consultancy firm. Following its
international expansion to Boston, Massachusetts, there has been a consistent increase in demand from new and existing clients. As development continues, the firm is seeking more experienced consultants and promising
graduates to help deliver more of the top-quality work it is known for.

Ultimately, Clarasys’ work is vital for companies who find themselves stagnant or unable to overcome certain issues,
or looking for something transformative. A fresh pair of eyes give a new perspective, and a specialised mind can often unearth innovative solutions. Fortunately for its clientele, Clarasys has an abundance of keen eyes, specialist knowledge, and a thriving dynamism to ensure its success continues.

70% Of Students Wouldn’t Be Able To Cope Without Internet Access

70% Of Students Wouldn’t Be Able To Cope Without Internet Access

Integrating smart technology into purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) is a key issue for providers, operators, higher education institutions and their wider communities, as more students expect accommodation that can fulfil their internet access expectations.

In partnership with The Class of 2020, the leading European think tank focused on the past, present and future of co-living, co-working and PBSA in cities, fibre broadband specialist Glide has developed a research plan to study student and staff perceptions and attitudes of current and prospective applications of smart technology among residents and staff living and working in PBSA.

The research is also supported by YouGov Profiles insight on full time students’ attitudes to smart tech and examined the impact of smart tech across the different stages of a student’s residency.

The research found that students are taking the lead in early adoption of smart tech, with 57% claiming they are usually interested in trying the latest technology products, services, and apps, compared to 40% of the GB nat rep audience.

A super-fast and reliable service is key for this audience, as 80% claim super-fast broadband is important to them and a further 70% admit they wouldn’t be able to cope without internet access.

Smart tech and the rise in voice assistants is also changing the way that students study – rather than trawling the university libraries, 88% of respondents say the internet is their main source of information, and 50% believe that using cloud storage (like DropBox, or Google drive) is just as secure as saving documents to a computer or phone.

Nearly half (48%) of students believe that being able to give verbal commands to a digital assistant is a real time-saver – indicating that the traditional methods of studying are very much in the past.

With this in mind, it is important for PBSA providers to ensure that its network can cope with the hundreds of user devices trying to stream and connect simultaneously.

By making building connectivity and infrastructure future-proof, student accommodation developers and building operators can meet their objective – they can continue to be at the forefront of constantly shifting technologies and focus on meeting the demands of a modern high bandwidth student community.

The research also found that smart tech could play a key part in ensuring students feel settled and comfortable during their first weeks following arrival.

When asked what smart tech they would find useful ahead of arriving at their new student accommodation, 94% of respondents felt an online room view would be useful, and over one in three (35%) say smart tech assisting them in the booking of common or shared study and social spaces would be helpful.

Implementing smart tech to feel more safe and secure was key for students during the pre-arrival stage of university, with nearly two thirds (65%) of respondents claiming a smart security system, such as smart keys, would be useful.

Most useful aspects that smart tech could support with on arrival:

●     Online room view (94%)

●     Smart security (65%)

●     Smart intercom (59%)

●     Smart accommodation entry (59%)

●     Self check in systems (18%)

Interestingly, less than one in five (18%) would prefer a self check-in system, with respondents claiming that although they would be interested in smart security systems, they also wanted the reassurance of having a physical person at reception for further security and any emergency assistance required.

As well as helping students settle in during the pre-arrival stage, the research also looked at the aspects where students felt smart tech would help them live more comfortably during their residency.

Unsurprisingly, convenience was key, with the majority of students claiming that having connected services to help with laundry, cooking and creating a comfortable living environment would be the most useful.

Smart tech that students thought would be the most useful during their residence:

●     Smart Laundry System (94%)

●     Smart Environmental Control (88%)

●     Study room availability monitoring (88%)

●     Residence App (88%)

●     Smart Kitchen amenities (35%)

Tom White, Sales and Marketing Director at Glide, said: “Moving into purpose-built student accommodation is a lifestyle choice. Modern PBSA should not just deliver spaces to sleep in – they should be environments that inspire and enhance the lifestyle of the student.

“With the rise of streaming, and the increase in the number of courses that rely on a high speed internet connection, student accommodation providers need to ensure that accommodation can service the needs of its residents.

“We recently became the first student broadband specialist to offer a gigabit broadband connection to PBSA developers, offering a product that presents a unique opportunity for UK operators to leap ahead of the competition with the right brand of student experience and best-in-class student broadband.”

Issue 2 2020


Welcome to the February edition of Corporate Vision magazine. As always, we aim to bring you all of the latest news and features from across the global corporate landscape. This issue we are focusing on the digital front, spotlighting companies who utilise technology to deliver exceptional services. From cyber security experts to digital marketing aficionados, this edition wanders the globe to showcase the ‘best in class’ tech (and tech-adjacent) companies.

One of those companies is m3ntor, a leading virtual training and development provider. Online training is certainly a booming sector, with new options and techniques emerging frequently. Frequently enough that the industry has become incredibly competitive over the last few years. With this in mind, m3ntor’s success speaks for itself, acting as testament to the quality of its services and the degree of their honed expertise.

On a completely different note, Pulse is considered one of the very best digital healthcare marketing agencies in the UK (and beyond). Through capitalising on the unique benefits of technology, it has helped accelerate healthcare firms to new heights and new growth. We sat down with Pule to find out more.

And, with that, Corporate Vision Magazine wishes you a wonderful month ahead.

We always love to hear from our readers, so please do get in touch with your thoughts.

Growing Globally

Growing Globally

Elements Global Services is an award-winning HR technology and services company that provides employment solutions across 135+ countries. Headquartered in Barcelona with a global network of offices and employees delivering innovative solutions, discover why this firm is already established as 2020’s most outstanding global Employer of Record/HR Outsourcing company.

From Belgium to Brazil, Jamaica to Japan, and Sweden to South Africa, companies operating in the modern world have it easier than ever before to scale internationally. Technology and advancements in communication have allowed companies to have offices in major cities across the world but despite that growth, it hasn’t become any easier to grow a global business. It’s a daunting prospect for companies starting their international expansion as there’s a lack of reliable guidance and insight. That is where Elements enters the fray.

Covering everything from payroll, benefits, HR to local compliance, visa and mobility issues, Elements provides its clients with innovative tools and resources to support global reach. Additionally, Elements represents the very best of what a HR technology firm should be.

Throughout 2019, the company’s workforce grew three-fold to more than 100 employees following a significant increase in demand for its services, solutions, and expertise. Now already firmly established as one of the most outstanding global Employer of Record and HR Outsourcing companies in 2020, Elements continues to serve business leaders, CFOs, Human Resources leaders, and other strategic decision-makers. These individuals are the beating heart of a company’s expansion, and
Elements strives to support them in every aspect of planning their international growth.

Using a single Human Resources Information System, the firm can connect clients directly to global HR platforms for domestic and international employees who needs services such as booking leave or retaining important HR documents with secure online access. That way, the clients are in full compliance with tax regulations and can maintain strong connections with remote employees. One of the unique solutions that Elements brings to the table is their Direct Employer of Record solution, which helps companies expand, onboard, manage and pay employees across the world.

By partnering with an Employer of Record, a business can onboard, manage and pay their employees in almost any country without delay, while remaining in full compliance of all labour or tax laws. Elements uses their Direct EOR solution to pay employees worldwide, minimizing the risk for their partner company. So, how exactly does this work? The Direct EOR has its own entities in many countries and uses those entities to establish all the fundamental basics that a business would require. The EOR then “employs” the staff members directly to handle international payroll, HR laws, taxes and compliance requirements. The business, or client, retains control of its employees and their day-to-day tasks, but with minimal risk.

On paper, Elements is the legal employer of the client’s workforce. Elements also handles all the administrative responsibilities related to employment, like writing contracts, hiring and onboarding staff, as well as handling local benefits. The client is still responsible for daily management of activities and company direction but no longer has to spend valuable time creating legal business entities to legally hire staff, which solves a big challenge for most employers in mitigating major risks.

This approach allows businesses to have new employees working in as little as six weeks wherever they are in the world. Typically, it takes months to set up a new subsidiary, but Elements helps their clients save up to 94% of the time it would normally take to enter a new market.

The time and costs associated with setting up and managing a company in a new country are prohibitive and distract a client from their core business. By Growing Globally partnering with Elements, clients have one partner who does it all for them at a fraction of the time and cost.

With other models, there is usually a chain of different partners across the world, which isn’t optimal for the employee – when there is an issue, an employee will need to wait for these partners to relay details of the issue before resolving it. Often there’s a delay because of time-zones and local business hours. This is where Elements’ Direct Employer of Record model is unique as it removes chain and delays by ensuring their placed employees have a single point of contact who can take care of their issues – wherever they are, 24/7.

Operating offices in a country that is not where the headquarters are located can be tricky. Rather than trudge through the waves of regulations, requirements, fees and other red tape, clients can consider Elements as their only global partner. Through their Employer of Record services, plethora of supporting offerings, and operation across 135+ countries, clients can rely on Elements to be the partner of choice when it comes to establishing an international presence that is fully regulation compliant.

89% Of UK Employees Have Suffered From Workplace Stress That Is Deemed As Excessive, Affecting Their Mental Health

89% Of UK Employees Have Suffered From Workplace Stress That Is Deemed As Excessive, Affecting Their Mental Health

One in every eight company employees in the UK has taken time off work for stress in the last year.

Conducted by the Dolan Contractor Group, experts in contractor payroll and accountancy, the Stress in the Workplace study gathered responses from employees of 140 companies across the UK. Respondents were asked about the causes of what was deemed ‘excessive workplace stress’, how they combat stress to maintain good mental health and what their employers do to support them through stress. 

The greatest cause of this stress in the UK workplace was found to be long working hours, with 41% of respondents to a study stating that they have been affected. Next most common is deadline or client pressure with 32%, followed by low pay and inability to build financial savings with 29%.

The study also identified differences in how stress is experienced between genders, and between employees of SMEs or large companies. Also revealed were crucial differences between the support available to permanent employees and that offered to employees hired on a contractor or freelance basis.

When asked how they would deal with stress, 6% of permanent employee respondents stated that they would not seek help if they were suffering from excessive stress, opting to ‘hope it gets better’. This figure rose to 17% of contractors and freelancers surveyed. 

There were clear differences between SMEs and large companies when employees attributed sources of stress. Just under half of employees in SMEs (47%) stated that low pay, the inability to build savings and no chance of progression were stress points.

When respondents were asked how they’d tackle stress, 30% of those at large companies stated that they would speak to their manager. The amount who would seek help from their manager reduced to 12% of workers at SMEs. It’s possible that small businesses need to work harder to provide anonymity or an environment that workers feel comfortable to confide in senior staff members.

The majority of employees from large companies stated that long working hours (40%) caused them the most stress, followed by overwork and management pressure (36%).

Further findings from the study:

• Female contractor workers are less likely to suffer from excessive stress due to long working hours when compared to female permanent workers. It is still predominantly women who take time off work, as the main carers for children within a family. They have to set their working hours around childcare, made possible by freelancing and contracting.

• Contractors and freelancers were found to rely more heavily on their friends and families for support, with 26% stating this was their method to combat excessive stress. Furthermore, 30% of contractor and freelancer workers have taken leave from work to combat excessive stress. 

•Just 5% of the respondents stated that they would seek help from a medical specialist to combat excessive stress in the workplace.

Lauren Monks, Group Operations Director at Dolan Contractor Group, states:

“The Stress in the workplace study deepens our understanding of our contractors, freelancers and the self employed. It outlines the key areas that cause stress and so gives us and employers insight to help reduce stress in the workplace.  

Stress is prevalent in all areas of work and across all industries regardless of the way you work- as a traditional employee or via your own limited company or umbrella employment, though contractors and freelancers are rarely mentioned in the conversation for stress in the workplace and mental wellbeing.

With the potential IR35 reforms looming, this adds a degree of uncertainty which we understand is unsettling and stressful for our clients. With 27% of contractors and freelancers stating that tax, red tape, and government changes contribute to excessive stress at work, we make sure that we offer IR35 contract reviews so our clients have the advice they need, plus we can offer them both umbrella employment as well as limited company accountancy. This takes the added stress of finding a new umbrella employer should the IR35 reforms affect them.” 

Richard Holmes, Director of Wellbeing at Westfield Health, provides further comments on the study:

“Burnout is a state of emotional, physical and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. Pressure at work is usually the main culprit and when budgets are tight and teams are small, people often find themselves with multiple roles and heavy workloads, piling on the stress.

“Policies like flexible or remote working can help employees balance work and home life, and things like turning off email servers outside of working hours helps ring fence valuable recovery time. Mental health first aid training can also help managers spot the signs or triggers and put preventions in place.

“Contractors or freelancers who don’t have the support of HR might need to adopt their own strategies such as setting working hours, turning off email alerts out of these hours and separating work and living space if working from home.”

Why It’s Time To Rethink Retirement

It’s Time To Rethink Retirement

Planning retirement from a purely financial perspective doesn’t work. Retirees regularly run out of money well before they die and increasingly face physical and mental health problems. Mike Middleton, founder of Pro-Vision Lifestyles, explains why a more holistic approach is necessary. One that places lifestyle choices at the centre of planning.

The concept of retirement dates back to 19th Century Germany, when it was conceived as a response to youth unemployment. Depressingly, thinking around the subject has barely progressed since. We still tend to think of retirement in largely financial terms, which for many, won’t lead to happiness. Just as retirement’s past is found in a different country, its future is equally foreign and unknown. Fresh thinking is required.

The crisis

For the first time since the 1930s, people in the UK are having to wait beyond their 65th birthday before they can claim their state pension. As the pension age rises many face growing uncertainty over how to manage increased longevity, so support in making conscious choices on how we want to live becomes ever more important.

This isn’t scaremongering. The retirement crisis is real in both financial and wellbeing terms. Many retiring now will face another 30 years of life, how we choose to spend it has a large impact on whether these years are a blessing or a curse.

The alternative

The key to happiness and wellbeing in retirement are the same as in earlier life; remain physically active, continue to learn, have a sense of purpose, and build and maintain strong social networks. 

Perhaps it’s this lack of comprehension that stops retirement from being the adventure it should be. Studies have shown that retirement without a plan increases your risk of depression by up to 40%. It needn’t be this way. People could be using this period of their life to make new friends, visit family, dedicate time to previously ignored hobbies, learn new skills, and lead a stimulating life after decades of hard work. It should be exciting and liberating.

These upsides of retirement are regularly forgotten. We tend to view retirement through a prism of negativity that focuses on money. Fulfilment in later life is about much more than just money. Days are still 24 hours long and with, potentially, many years ahead there is a lot of time to fill, and no time to waste. Some new activities are time bound, and many waste the first few years of retirement working out what they really want to do, and sometimes by then it’s too late.

Overall life expectancy is rising faster than healthy life expectancy, the disability-free life years at age 65 in England is 9.9 years (ONS, 2018). Something needs to change in how we recognise, plan for and manage this stage of our life.

The solution

A fundamental change of retirement preparation mindset is required.

Instead of thinking “I need to save towards some arbitrary, unrealistic lump sum, and then hoard it until I die”, people need to think about and plan how they want to spend their later years. What type of life do they need to be happy as a retiree? How are they going to fill their time? To do this we have to make conscious decisions on the important elements of how we wish to live. We can then work out how much that costs and save enough to budget for that – no matter how extravagant or modest that may be.

Increasing numbers of people have concluded that it makes sense to use retirement activities as the basis to understanding financial requirements, rather than the other way around. Individuals need  professional support to enable them to make their right choices, we only have one shot so it’s important to get it right. This allows financial and other advice to work to maximum effect.

By adopting a different approach and placing individual retirement aspirations at the heart of any decision-making process, excitement can be injected into retirement and long-term happiness can become more likely. The time for individuals to take their futures seriously is now.

Learning to Set Sale for Success!

Sandler Training

Nobody wants to talk to a salesperson. It makes people instinctively defensive. Fortunately for the salesperson, there are ways around this, and the best are taught by Sandler’s s Training, using methods perfected over fifty years ago. Given its award-winning success, named as Corporate Vision Magazine’s Leading Global Sales Training Experts 2020 – USA, we took a closer look at what makes this training truly unique.

David Sandler was a salesperson who hated his job. He felt underpaid, overworked and worn out. Eventually, he took control of the sales call, of his results and ultimately his life. Teaming up with a clinical psychologist, both designed an approach to sales that would challenge the stereotype of a salesperson and create a relational approach that focused on mutual respect, clarity and qualifying decisions. Over fifty years after that decision, the approach grown into an international franchise, with trainers in over 30 countries.

Sandler died in 1995, but his methodology is still incredibly relevant to salespeople around the world. Aimed at serving several distinct audiences through highly trained and specialized channels, small to mid-sized companies are able to take advantages of training with over 270 training centers around the globe. The centers are run by more than 600 fulltime, certified Sandler trainers, all of whom are actual sales and sales management professionals trained to communicate the world-class Sandler message and methodology. This isn’t an HR team explaining concepts learned in a book, but experienced professionals sharing the secrets of a success that has been learned and applied in the field.

The importance of specialization cannot be overstated, treating clients as individuals as far as possible, while also educating in a group context. Corporate trainers are highly focused sales and management professionals, with experience in vertical industries such as Tech, Financial Services and Construction Materials to name but a few.

Sandler’s Training is not just a system designed to be the subject of a two-day seminar, then slowly abandoned over the next couple of weeks. It is carefully designed to equip clients with the tools necessary to create common processes, culture and sales language within various organizations. It also goes beyond traditional sales strategy and into focusing on the client as a whole, with a particular emphasis on behaviours and attitudes in addition to techniques.

The key to Sandler’s Training is not just in the message, but in the way this training is delivered. Providing options in a variety of modalities and formats, the business delivers methods of teaching based on the needs and demands of a client. With options that can be instructor-led, virtual ILT, online microlearning courses and extensive resources libraries that include books, whitepapers, blogs, podcasts and videos. Sandler’s business model operates on offering a variety of different options that allow as many people as possible to learn and access the Sandler method.

Sandler’s Training cover a wide array of solutions to the many problems that can arise in any aspect of a sales job. This means that their training opportunities range all the way from further educating of those in leadership all the way down to those who’ve just started in the role and are looking for professional development. The leadership course covers all the aspects of the job that nobody teaches, namely finding, choosing and onboarding the ideal team member for a role. This is particularly important for the small businesses that Sandler’s Training focuses on, as the hiring of a new person might be an infrequent occasion. It teaches these leaders to not just look to their employees to improve themselves, but to continues encouraging those in a leadership position to be held to account, both to the business and to a leader’s professional goals.

When focusing on the world of professional development, Sandler’s Training looks to equip life skills for those new to the professional workplace. For those who need to better understand how to get the most out of people, this training encourages professionals to apply a slightly different approach to proceedings. Through a change in behavior, the development of new attitudes, and improvement in techniques, Sandler’s Training is able to guide consistent, lasting success for the rest of your career. This includes not only building up the confidence to be an honest salesperson who is willing and happy to operate outside of their comfort zone but educating on how to deal with people who make you feel frustrated. The third and final aspect of the course focuses on the matter of adulting. Going beyond what people are taught at school, Sandler’s Training takes a pride and glee in equipping people with real world skills such as goal setting, time management and decision making.

This is actually a key aspect of the Sandler’s Training system, with the ability to change, and be willing to change, actually being one the major principles running through every aspect of every training program. This is partly because a long-term commitment to sustainable behavior changes is considerably more rewarding to a company in the long run. It creates less friction to other changes on an organizational level, improving attitude, motivation and engagement.

Of course, all of these various programs and solutions have support in a number of resources, namely Sandler Online. This proprietary solution allows learners to gain access to an incredible wealth of information, designed specifically to educate and support learners in an appropriately broad variety of content, tools and applications. Building in the powerful curriculum that has proven to be such a success, along with valuable resource libraries and visual tools, Sandler Online has also got the ability to support flexible learning thanks to its state-of-the-art platform. While the message and importance of David Sandler is important, it is also key to remember that he would take advantage of any system that would further share his message of prosperity for all. Adding new online systems is just another feather in the cap of his talented team.

At the end of the day, Sandler’s Training presents sales teams with something quite unlike the status quo. It’s a proven technique from fifty years ago, brought back and given new life in the form of this impressive business empire. It’s a way of thinking that changes how decisions are made how, how people think and the effect this has on the customer. With a skillset built up over 50 years, it’s no wonder that this company has seen, and will continue to see, a commitment to Sandler’s dream. It’s a dream that hasn’t steered them wrong yet.

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Award-Winning Digital Transformation Solutions

Award-Winning Digital Transformation Solutions

Ospyn is a leading software vendor offering digital transformation to enterprises of various sectors through its Ospyn Docs platform. We profiled the firm and caught up with Prasadu and Kishore who revealed more about Ospyn and how they became the digital transformation solution of the year in India for 2019.

Established in 2009 by Prasadu Varghese and Kishore Kumar, Ospyn was created with a vision to become a digital transformation partner for enterprises by offering BPM, ECM and document management solutions for business process automation. Over a span of 10 years, Ospyn has evolved into a major player across 12 industries with 80 plus customers in India, Middle East and Africa.

For enterprises that are tethered with disconnected operations, paper-based processes and fragmented workflows, Ospyn acts as the digital transformation partner, bringing agility and automation across each of their operations, as Kishore explains.

“At Ospyn, our enterprise content management platform Ospyn Docs and BPM solutions are live across 12 verticals, enabling enterprises to manage their content, business processes, workflows and internal operations in one platform, thereby offering real time visibility, instant collaboration and quicker end results. With a decades’ presence in the industry, we take pride in streamlining operations and enabling enhanced customer experience for 80+ enterprise clients.”

Currently, Ospyn’s file flow solution is live across 60+ government departments, enabling them to go digital by automating their file processing and approvals. This particular solution helps to manage file-flow, inward processing, collaboration, archival, search, document management and also dispatch. In addition to this, the solution also eases the traditional processes with automated workflows and digital repository.

When discussing the various solutions the firm offers, Prasadu informed us about the clients Ospyn delivers, both their exceptional services and personalized services.

“We offer B2B solutions where our clients vary from government departments to high-tech digital enterprises. The approach to each client differs based on their requirements, people and business processes.

“For instance, we help our government sector clients to overcome their irrational barriers; both in terms of change resistance and technological ignorance by offering handholding and multiple training sessions to support their people transformation and process digitalization. Whereas for process oriented institutions and enterprises, we identify the bottlenecks in their business operations that are error prone and implement intelligent process management solution to streamline those industry specific operations.”

Enabling the firm to deliver this level of service, is the experienced and committed team which forms the foundation of Ospyn. Having established a strong internal culture, Kishore is keen to highlight the significant role the team plays in the overall success of the firm.

“It is no secret that our employees play a major role in bringing innovation to our core platform. Most of our senior tech giants are with us from the inception of the firm, and still continue to enrich our platform with advanced technologies and evolution as we expand the business.”

Since their inception a decade ago, Ospyn has established a strong client base in India and has recently entered the markets of Middle East and Africa. The firm’s content management platform has attracted most of their major customers and has earned them various business partners, system integrators, data centre service providers across the globe.

From the very beginning, the uniqueness and flexibility to fulfil the outgrowing requirements of clients has been a key point in defining the credibility of Ospyn’s products. Bringing the interview to a close, Prasadu signs off by revealing how Ospyn’s solutions have already established themselves a place in the market, as well as the plans the firm have in place to help them expand in the years to come.

“By replacing the prominent solutions offered by top players in the market, our platform has earned an identity of its own. With artificial intelligence and robotic processes, our platform is currently being enriched with advanced functionalities for an enhanced user experience. Going forward, we are in the pursuit of entering into European and American markets.”

Over Half Of Employers Don’t Provide An Actively Managed Health & Wellbeing Programme

Over Half Of Employers Don’t Provide An Actively Managed Health & Wellbeing Programme

Vested, the Workplace Savings & Benefits consultancy of Embark Group, has today published findings from its Health & Wellbeing Survey, which reveals that 56% of respondents don’t have an actively managed health & wellbeing programme. Despite this, the survey, undertaken in collaboration with employee wellbeing specialists Healthy Performance, found that employers are increasingly recognising the importance of mental wellbeing, with over three quarters (77%) indicating they would consider, or have actively considered, increasing support for staff who show symptoms of stress.

Among the 56% of companies without an actively managed programme, over a third of respondents (36%) have nothing in place at all, while 20% have started to build their offering but are aware it requires further development. The most popular health & wellbeing benefits provided by the respondents were: cycle to work schemes (13%), employee assistance programmes (13%), private medical insurance (11%) and health screening (11%). Nearly half (43%) of the organisations offered three or more benefits to their employees.

Employers are more proactive in reviewing their health and wellbeing programmes, with 14% reviewing activities every 6 months and 47% looking at it once a year. Despite this, 1 in 5 (21%) respondents currently never look at the effectiveness of the products within their health & wellbeing programmes.

As employers look to establish health & wellbeing programmes, and those with existing schemes seek to develop them, Vested and Healthy Performance are collaborating to save organisations money, improve coverage and introduce better preventative support. Vested provide general health & wellbeing reviews for organisations and advisory services in relation to benefit offerings, and Healthy Performance offer online educational tools and preventative services.

Howard Finch, Vested Managing Director, commented: “Over the coming years, we would expect to see a continued growth in the number of actively managed programmes, as employers increasingly recognise the benefits for their staff and their business. It’s promising that the majority of employers that do offer these types of programmes are regularly reviewing their approach. We would encourage all companies to review their programmes once a year at the very least. And, most importantly, to engage with staff to ensure that programmes actually meet their needs. The result will be far higher usage, engagement and, ultimately, satisfaction levels.”

The survey revealed that occupational health services were offered by only 1% of respondents. However, the survey found that 9% were intending on introducing these services in the next 12 months. And, recognition of the importance of mental wellbeing is clearly growing, with over half (51%) of employers having already considered increasing the level of support for staff suffering from stress in 2019. A further 26% of respondents stated that although they hadn’t considered it previously, they would consider taking action in the future. 

Wayne Campbell, Healthy Performance Managing Director, commented: “Many employers struggle to identify the key signs of stress until it is too late, and they fail to identify how significant a risk it is to the business. We find that line managers and supervisors are not sufficiently trained to assist in this area so it typically falls to the HR team, which may be undertrained or resourced to deal with these issues effectively. Stress remains the number one reason for both short and longer-term employee absence and this is an area we recommend organisations focus on in 2020.”